Our New Masontry Sign At The Brents Tree Service Office

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by brentstreeservice, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. alexschultz1

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    It's a very nice design. You could have cleaned the mortar better off the bricks and maybe used larger stones to vaneer, cut to fit tightly.

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  2. AmericanLawn&Landscape

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    looks nice, you should just start a thread for all your pictures to go into. That way you don't start a new thread each time for a new picture.
  3. FrostCreek

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    That is definitely awesome, but it's a bit difficult to read tree service, if something could be done about that. . .
  4. brentstreeservice

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    Thanks for the suggestion, AmericanLawn&Landscape. I'm still getting the hang of this. I haven't quite figured out to how to keep adding photos to an existing thread. I appreciate the feedback that you all have given.
  5. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I was wondering what you had to say about Idea Labs Consulting. They mentioned you as a client and Emerald Lawns which I realize are some how connected. I've had guys name drop in the past thinking I wouldn't know the company they mentioned and when I followed up I didn't hear good things.

    Until the Brent's sales people started pitching Emerald Lawns I probably sent $10K in business your way. Once the sales people started to cross sell Emerald Lawns I had to stop referring business.

    Years back I got Brad with Black Forest a single job for one of my clients that was $10K. I had to stop referring Brad work because he started getting flaky and it was making me look bad.

    Jason was doing fine with the little bit of work I was throwing his way but now he's starting to suffer from being over whelmed.

    I also deal with Chris Poth at the Tree Clinic and Patrick Wentworth with Austin Tree Specialists on matters that require a high level of expertise. These guys are both amazing guys to talk to about tree issues.

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