Our new van and existing cargo trailer

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    For the last year I've been working out of a 7x16 cargo trailer and we love it. I did a pretty big build out to it and I don't think I could ever go back to doing installs out of anything smaller.

    The downside is that it's a pain to haul around and we needed an additional vehicle for service and for me to run sales calls so I bought a Ram Promaster. I'd love to see some of your guys' van setups on he inside.

    Attached are pics of the new van wrap.
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    Very nice! I'm looking at buying a van myself. Do you mind sharing how much you spent on the wrap? Also a picture of the inside would be great! Are you planning on installing ladder racks on top of the van?
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    I paid $3,200 for the wrap, which is a little high but I felt good about the doing the work. Another company quoted me $2,700. I'll take some pictures of the inside tomorrow, I don't feel the the inside is quite where I want it to be yet. Nothing compares to our trailer, I can carry practically everything I need in it, I don't think the van could ever replace it. I'm going to put a ladder on it, just took a little pause on the spending, Between all the shelves and duplicate tools of everything I've bought to get the van ready it's really gotten quite expensive beyond what the van itself cost me. Here's the inside of our trailer.





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    $3000 is not bad at all. I think companies around here start at $4500 for a full van wrap. I'm going to be shopping around a little more. Its a great investment too. That trailer you have is amazing. Would you recommend starting out with a trailer then bumping up to a van later? I'm a firefighter and have a skid steer company so I'm realistically aiming at doing 1 install a month.

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