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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by COLLINSVILLE, Feb 26, 2005.


    COLLINSVILLE LawnSite Member
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    We got the new website up and running finaly. Was hoping some of you guys could give some feedback. The shopping cart for parts wont be working for a few days. thanks
  2. Lawnchoice

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    Looks pretty good IMO.

    I would move the specials/news/events tab over to the left some more. I realize you are probably trying to make it stand out but it looks like it is mis aligned.
  3. beransfixitinc

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    Wow, $7.00 off on the speed feed?

    Is that the MSRP on the speed feed?
  4. tonygreek

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    well, as soon as these ridiculous homepage pictures load, i'll provide some constructive feedback.
  5. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
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    okay, seriously... you guys need to get someone to edit those photos. you should shoot for 50-100k in total page weight. your images alone are somewhere at 1.25MB+. your loss rate for prospective customers on the prevalent dial-up would exponentially increase at about 15 seconds of load waiting before leaving your site. not a great strategy for a store.

    - why do you have 2 distinctive menus on the page?
    - now i see what you are doing with the pictures. instead of having a smaller image, you are under the impression that your customers will wait for and then actually want to download those high-res pictures to use as their wallpaper? high-res wallpapers of your shop floor? sorry to sound harsh, but that really makes no sense. was this your web "developer's" idea or did you guys build this on your own and not realize this is a bit much?
    - on a smaller, yet still annoying, scale, the new equipment page features way too many large pictures that someone needs to wait for loading.
    - i'm noticing i have a generally high aggravation level that is coming through in my typing. since you guys are opening a web store, you need to know what you are doing or you won't be selling much. you have to take building this type of site seriously, which includes having somewhat knowlegable web people do it. it's that simple.
    - again with the pics. this'll be the last comment as it seems to be the norm for the site. the "new equip" pics of the various pieces and their price are in the 500+k range. that means to ballpark it, for someone to look at this page, the user is supposed to wait a half hour for the 5mb to load???? your specials page features a thumbnail sized 300+k image of the speed feed head? seriously, guys...
    - you actually have links to your web site's control panel on each page??? as a store, you are just asking for more trouble than normal for hackers.
    - if you are actually going to add a shopping cart, i reeeeally hope you have someone that knows something about ssl or you are putting your customers and yourselves at the worst possible risk.
    - i really do apologize if you think the above was to harsh, but you guys are a business that should be held to a higher standard than the "Joe's Lawn Care" critique my site requests.

    oh, and a cynic might say that you are simply advertising your site on here, which is only allowable for sponsors.
  6. beransfixitinc

    beransfixitinc LawnSite Senior Member
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    I also am confused as to what Mike Doughney has to do with your website?

    When I click the pitcure in the MTD Pro area under the new equipment.. it takes me to Mr.Doughney's site. Do you have permission to link to his site?

    Also, I would suggest you point your Tecumseh one to www.tecumsehpower.com , instead of making customers (if any show up and wait and care to) navigate through the Tecumseh corporate site to find the engine and trans. division.

    Just my 6 cents.

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