our shop was broken into!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ACA L&L, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. ACA L&L

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    Well our shop that we moved into in Jan was robbed on wednesday!

    The place has a gated entry, cameras and remotes for entry, exit is motion. All they did was cut the bolt that is connected to the chain that moves the the gate back and forth when signaled. Backed a vehicle into the overhead door to get it off the rails.
    They made away with the aerators (2)
    4 stihl trimmers with all the attachments
    4 blowers
    3 chainsaws one was an o88 magnum old school stihl
    and a crap load of tools
    my walker was at my house getting fixed as well as some brand new equipment i just picked up that day!!

    The keys were still in my work trucks as well as 10 toro 21"

    it almost seems like they were filling an order for someone, the kicker is two of my guys were no call no show the morning of, cops didnt seem to care to much i dont even remember giving them there names, they both had only been there about two weeks? The cameras were not set up yet, insurance is giving me a hassle!!

    I tell ya what 5 years ago and this would of put me out of biz!!! Thats that, thought i would share.

    Oh yeah on another note i got my truck back from the state about a month ago( a guy got pulled over for dui and the state seized it). they say bad luck comes in threes, im just wonderibg what the f^^k is next!!
  2. MOturkey

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    Sorry to hear this. I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but it certainly seems a coincidence regarding the new employees.

    Kind of like my next door neighbor, an elderly gentleman. He's into woodworking, and had a new upright air compressor, among other stuff in his garage. Well, his girlfriend and him parted ways, so she moved back to St. Louis and had a moving company move her. A couple of guys, probably 20, did the actual moving. Less than a week later, someone cleaned out his garage, stealing the air compressor and a bunch of other stuff. Even stole some meat out of his freezer.

    Now, I'm not saying those two young men had anything to do with it, but who else would have known what he had in there?

    Hope you get your stuff back, or at least that insurance comes through.
  3. Sandgropher

    Sandgropher LawnSite Senior Member
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    Could be an inside job, i would be watching those two employees very closely for signs of nervousness etc over the coming week. :)
  4. fiveoboy01

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    Dude that stinks.

    Of course the insurance company is being a pain. They'll kill if they don't get their premiums but when it comes to pay up, their rear ends sure do tighten up.

    I hope you get your stuff back, or at least catch whoever did it.
  5. Vikings

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    from canada
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    Watch your self. I know this guy who had his shed broken into and they stole his snowblowers. So he bought new ones the same day because he's in the biz.. They came the very next night and stole them as well.

    I can't believe people would risk going to jail for this kind of crap, it's like one of the temp guys I hired, over a few days he kept telling me more and more about himself. He just got out of jail, can't smoke in jail but started smoking soon as he got out. He wanted an advance so he could go party and he missed his parole meeting or whatever it's called. So I said why would you miss that for something so stupid. He told me they would only put him back in jail for two weeks and he said it like it meant nothing to him.
  6. JJG84

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    sounds like a big bunch of insurance scammers.

    if thats what it takes to get discounted equipment then hell, come up with a heist!
  7. outlaw1960

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    post the serial numbers, if some one see's them they can call them in to your police dept.
  8. Fairway Land & Lawn

    Fairway Land & Lawn LawnSite Member
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    Send all the serial numbers of the stolen equip. to all your local police departments, pawn shops, and LCOs. The pawn shops are required at the end of the day to send a report to the police dept. of all the serial numbers of items that came in that day. Some of the LCOs may look out for you and check before they buy any "used" equip. Good luck on getting everything back to normal!!!!
  9. Sandgropher

    Sandgropher LawnSite Senior Member
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    A good idea is to engrave your stuff, put down your drivers licence number or something.
  10. cpel2004

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    Yeah boss that was an inside JOB. Check your local pawn shop. I wish you the best of luck.

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