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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by MDLawn, Jan 23, 2012.

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    I like the site but the MD made me think you are in Maryland. I saw the WNY but it wasn't till I looked at your address at the bottom of the page that I saw where you are located. Just a thought.
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    Just my opinion,but you have to change the white lettering on your pages. No contrast between your background
    and the lettering. To hard on your eyes to read.
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  4. MDLawn

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    Yea I've been thinking of a name change soon. When I first pick a name years ago all the ones I wanted were taken so I ending up with the current name. I'm having a difficult time figuring out all the SEO stuff. When and if I can figure that out if someone searches WNY landscaping hopefully it will not matter that the name is MD as my name will be pulled up. Just like some of the other companies around me.
  5. MDLawn

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    Ya know I noticed on my iphone that the black background doesnt come up on a few of those pages. But on your computer they will, at least for me it does. Let me know if this is the case for you too.
  6. RussellB

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    I think if you just spell out and hi-lite " Serving the western New York area" it will suffice. I wouldn't worry about a name change unless in the future you see a need for it.
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  7. MDLawn

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    Good point. Thanks
  8. MDLawn

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    Any and all responses are welcomed. I see lots of viewings so please feel free to say anything, really.
  9. greg8872

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    From a "what would I change" standpoint:

    The logo image (http://www.mdlawnandlandscape.com/images/MD-Logo.gif ) should be resized to the final size with an image editor, never have the website "resize it". The main issue (which isn't so bad on your logo, but really seen on photos), is that the end user still has to download the full size image, when if it was saved as the correct size will easily be about 1/10th the file size.

    Also, when you resize it properly in a program, you can get better results than letting the browser handling the resize, that will blend into your site better. (The first thing that made me go check the image size was that it stood out to me like crazy). Even worse was on the About Us page, because you are trying to get it to blend in with a black background.

    The other thing that I would suggest is for SEO purposes.

    Of first I will admit, it can be very hard to do, but you should have good specific Title and heading for the page. Repeating the company name across every page as the heading/title does not help. Search engines look for a meaningful description of the page it is looking at, and having good information will help in your search rankings. You do have specific Title's for the pages, but have no headings on page. Each page should have only ONE <h1> tag that describes what you are finding on the page..

    As I mentioned, you do have different information in the titles, however try to get the wording switched around, example:

    Current: MD Lawn Care & Landscaping WNY About Us
    Suggestion: About Landscaping Services from MD Lawn Care & Landscaping

    Again, getting the right mix of enough description, while being concise, plus balancing making it readable to humans and also to search engines, can be tricky. One suggestion, if you feel there is too much on the page to describe one main description of the information, think about breaking it out to sub pages.

    The "nit pickings":
    http://www.mdlawnandlandscape.com/LawnMaintenance.html has a misspelling: fulfil should be fulfill

    Both of these pages in the Meta Description, intstallation should be installation.

    http://www.mdlawnandlandscape.com/Services.html (in meta description)
    All three pages, Maintenace should be Maintenance

    (no, I'm not that picky, I ran a program that crawled your site ;-)

    Lastly, I know you may be limited because you are using Yahoo Site Builder, but try to get the page to validate as much as possible: http://validator.w3.org/ A site that validates will last longer, display more uniformly across browsers and systems (ie. Mac vs PC) and better behaving in a mobile browser.

    If you need any help on any of this, I check here when I get a break from real work, and enjoy teaching others. (Disclaimer, I am a web developer by trade, and came here after finding this section of the forum here after being on the PlowSite.com site for several years. I'm not here looking for business, just offering help in the area I have a passion about).

  10. MDLawn

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    Greg...AWESOME. Thank you very much this is exactly what I am looking for because I have zero clue on SEO and your help is awsome.

    I will resize the photos, alread resized them in my Canon software. And size that you recommend?

    Misspellings.....man thats embarassing!

    Again thanks

    Yea Sitebuilder isn't awesome but got me started.

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