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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by EA Quinn, Aug 4, 2006.

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    I thought its pretty good, WELL DONE :clapping: :usflag:
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    Nice site, especially like the video (if you happen to have it available it would be nice to have a Quicktime and/or Real Player version for the few folks who don't use Windows, but that's only probably less than 5% of your potential customers so not a huge deal if you don't have one).
    Site is clean, well laid out, easy to navigate. :clapping:

    The main problem I saw is there is no "description" meta tag in the code. Without it search engines will just use the first few lines of text (different engines will pick up different things & some can accidentally seem unrelated) so if your software allows it; a description tag (and a classification tag for some engines) would be nice to be sure it shows up just the way you want in your listings.
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    Nice clean site with a good presentation of text and images. Navigation is excellent.

    Just a couple things, the right justification of the uppermost navigation is a problem for people with high-resolution monitors. On my monitor, for example, the main site portion takes up the left half of the browser window. The right half of the screen is white. The navigation is in the upper right corner over the white area - about a million miles from the main text area.

    The next thing is your photo gallery - it doesn't do your quality company justice. I suggest getting hold of a nice flash gallery template and make your gallery a more interesting and influential area. Check out my gallery (click my user name and you'll see my site address). I purchased this template for about $150 and customized it for my company.

    Good work.
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  6. WebMan

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    Still missing the description tag, and that's what displays when somebody sees your search engine listing below the page title.
    Just under the "title" line in you hear code place a tag like:
    <meta name="description" content="Whatever is the main short selling point to get people to click, less than 155 characters and spaces">
    The code above is exactly correct (spaces & characters so you can copy it) just change the text between the " signs to your description and paste it in just below the line in your page head code that now says:
    <title>E. A. Quinn Landscape Contracting, Inc. | Glastonbury, CT 06033 | Property Maintenance, Fertilization, Landscape Design, Pavers, Retaining Walls, Mulch, Snowplowing</title>
    That title is much too long, seems like you tried to do both things in one line, (doesn't work because the search engines cut it off, also not good to use the "straight line" | character here, better to just use commas. You can see how it looks now below.
    Below is how you "look" on Google now, you can see the title cuts off (and just states your name & address, better to have something like "Quality, Affordable Landscaping" than just the company name, and you can see what I mean, without a tag a search engine creates a description and this one doesn't say anything to make just want to get right to your site (if I am Joe Shopper) wastes space giving me your copyright notice & links that of course don't work from there, nothing like "See how affordable, porofessional landscaping is done in Glastonbury... (or whatever) that would make me want to look more than: DEP # B2265 CT License # 559203. Hit Counter. PO BOX 716 | GLASTONBURY, CT 06033 860 633 0115 | EMAIL EA QUINN | SITE DESIGN | ©2006 EAQUINN.COM.

    As it is:
    EA Quinn Landscape Contracting, Inc. | Glastonbury, CT 06033...
    DEP # B2265 CT License # 559203. Hit Counter. PO BOX 716 | GLASTONBURY, CT 06033 860 633 0115 | EMAIL EA QUINN | SITE DESIGN | ©2006 EAQUINN.COM.

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