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    We are entering our 3rd year out on our own. The name of our Co. is The Kupfer Co. Landscape Construction & Design we are here in Indianapolis. My husband worked for Stavros Lawn Service for 7 years and then for The Brickman Group for approx. 4 years. I had been begging for him to go out on his own since he worked for Stavros. The road has been interesting. Our company does the basic landscape things such as mowing, flowers, shrubs and everything else that goes along with this as well we do block walls, paver patios, driveways, concrete sidewalks, patios, driveways and so on. This past winter was our first with snow removal, it was nice but a little more snow for us would have been even nicer:). I am looking forward to posting as well as absorbing information from you professionals. Have a good day! Grassy Knoll

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