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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Smitty58, Feb 11, 2005.


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    Then I am sorry. It sounded that way but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for clearing up.
  2. ksland

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    It is in the making I am sure, relax guys....

    Agree with the crooked boxes around the links, don't like.

    Take some good pictures of your work. If you don't have any don't use others.

    It takes a lot of time and effort, don't try to half ass it to get it up and running, Your phone isn't going to ring off the hook.

    I like the slideshow but too slow in loading as others say. People are just not going to sit and watch 20 pictures, get them right to the pic they want to see, fast.
  3. derek1

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    I think the site is a very good started site it may need work but I am sure you are already aware of this. Nice site :waving:
  4. ALarsh

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    1) I don't really like how long the domain is. I would have shortened it down (ex - My name is Clean Cut Lawn Service, I shortened it down to cclawnservice.com)

    I don't like the design. That design is provided by front page - I would suggest downloading one from Gopher.

    I have downloaded one from gopher, I have minimal knowledge in html and I have a pretty good looking site: www.cclawnservice.com
  5. drsogr

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    First of all, do people even look at websites when trying to figure out who the want for lawncare...maybe once in awhile. Either way you look at it, your website represents your work, if you have a half-arsed website, the customer might think that you do half-arsed work. I defintely have to agree with the domain name...shorten it up. If I am driving down the road, and see your website name plastered on the side of your truck, it should be something I can remember.

    Your front page should show your work, not a giant logo. Your logo should be on the front page, but shouldn't be the main focus.

    The boxes, do look bad, the counter is really bad. How many professionally designed websites do you see with a counter? You do not need 2 sets of links to the same thing....side and bottom.

    I would also suggest either removing links or adding content. I do not want to click on a link just to read a paragraph, and then another link for another paragraph.

    And your right....I don't have a website yet. I do not put out anything that doesn't represent my company in a professional manner...I would suggest you take the same approach. There are many websites were you can get a webpage template. Basically a professionally designed website, and you add your information. Many of these are relatively inexpensive.

    All of this being said this website does look better, than a lot of them that I have seen on here...but thats not saying much.
  6. Precision

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    I took the comment for how you meant it.

    I haven't decided I need one so I haven't bothered. But some day I will get the energy, time and money together all at the same time and we will see what it looks like.
  7. thill

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    I think your "just launched" site looks pretty darn good. Congrats on getting one online.

    No doubt, you will be making changes as the site progresses and a majority of the input you got was constructive.

    That's what makes this forum what it is!

    Best of luck.

  8. Smitty58

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    Thanks for all the constructive criticism. It helps to get others point of view on things. As far as the domain name goes I think it's better to have consistency. Our company name, email address, and website are all the same so if you see our truck going down the road and wonder how to get in touch with us ,I think it would be easier to remember the website and email because they are our company name. Why would you want to have a company name , a totally different web domain, and a totally different email address. It's too much to remember. I did not have pics of lawns we mow seeing how it's winter so that is something we plan to ad.
    drsogr- I agree with your first comment. I think the biggest benefit to having a website is this, if you have gone to the expense of having a website, email, accepting credit cards, insurance, etc it sets you apart from the guy with a truck and a mower. It just makes you look more professional to me.
  9. Jeff@SGLC.ca

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    even though I spelt consitency wrong lol. I'm SGLC Property Services, www.sglc.ca, (don't go to the site yet), and e mail is @sglc.ca. Driving that SGLC in there hard.
  10. ALarsh

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    You completely missed the point. It is not a completely different name, it is an abbreviation of your name. It is done all the time in business. The first one that comes to mind is United States Postal Service and www.USPS.com

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