Out flyering this evening and found....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn-Scapes, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Lawn-Scapes

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    ....this left on a mailbox. Not sure of the exact square footage but it's between 1-2 acres. Houses in this development start at $750K... not that the price of the house should determine a higher price.. but that maybe they can afford a little more.

    How will I be able to command $60-70 when people are receiving quotes like this? Unreal...

  2. derek1

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    This clown clearly will not be here very long. Dont worry about it your work compared to his will run his customers off to you anyway! payup
  3. 1MajorTom

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    First off, let me thank you for blacking out the contact info.

    And yep, it's downright frustrating to see that kind of pricing. It's crazy, but it happens all the time, someone starts out not having any clue what price to give, so they go low thinking this will guarantee them the job. He'll be wore out by June, and if he doesn't wise up, he'll bite the dust like a lot of new startups do.
  4. qwikv6

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    Don't worry about this guy. He'll be gone SOON!

    I had a property last year that I underbid. I honored the price for the year and knew that it was going up to the price I needed this year. Well the lady sold the house and the guy that bought it wanted me to mow it this year. Last year's price was $80 approx 2 acres. It took me about 2 hours HUSTLING. I had to use 3 pieces of equipment on it and the terrain was too steep in some places to use a mower so it needed trimmed by hand. Well come to find out, the guy got another estimate this year besides mine. He got a quote of $40 to mow this. My quote was $105.
    The guy mowing this yard is in for a rude awakening! He can have it!
  5. Green lawns

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    It is such a shame that any company would charge so low of a price! Year after year we see these "come-on" price's at the start of our season. Most of us on LawnSite won't lose customers to companys that lowball.
  6. tiedeman

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    I do admit though, he has a nice watermark
  7. TotalLawnConcepts

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    Look at his flier it tells everything about him and his company. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.... 1 if you in this business and are not passing full color fliers, you are clueless to the results.. Yeah anyone can run down to office max and purchase some yellow paper, and with word you can create a great watermark, but when you get into color fliers people expect more, the expect a higher price, they expect a better quality of work. They know you are a business and not a fly by night scrub. My suggestion is come behind him with a color flier both sides, and see who gets the job, If you are in that kind of price of a neighborhood, they don't want a scrub on their property they want a company a legitamate business. Some one that they know if they screw up they have insurance to cover them.. That is my insight on that...
  8. MTR

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    How could he be able to afford even gas with such low charge??? Let alone blades, maitenance on mowers and other 2 cycle stuff. Just break even? There is no profit at all ...that sucks
  9. Darryl G

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    Often times, it's the contractor just trying to get their foot in the door so that they can upsell other services or get a presence in the neighborhood. They get the customer hooked on a cheap mow and hope that they can sell other, more profitable services too. It's a method of marketing.

    I admit that I've given customers in "target" neighborhoods very reasonable rates on mowing just to get them hooked and to get a presence in the neighborhood. Then I just hope that they (and their neighbors) give me enough other work to make it worth it. And I make a point of doing a really nice job on the lawn so that it gets noticed. I don't fill my route with jobs like that, but I can fit a few into my schedule.

    Before you guys start bashing me, please understand that these are customers who came to me because they were dissatisfied with their current service. These are people who responded to Yellow Pages or newspaper adds and requested an estimate. I don't do flyers and I don't go knocking on the neighbor's doors trying to lowball jobs away from other LCO's. If anything, my pricing is on the high side. However, if I see a next door neighbor out in the yard, I'll say high and make a little small talk with them, but I let them come to me. And some of them inevitably do.....
  10. Charles

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    There is a guy in our area doing the exact same thing :realmad:

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