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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JEFF ZALMANOFF, Feb 18, 2002.


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    I wanted to know if anyone has or is running a 3 wheel outfront mowers such as the gravely model , the new one is faster now . compared to a zero turn any brand . say both 60 or 72 inch cut same horsepower cutting at the same speed , same conditions. is the ZERO turn that much more productive than the 3 wheel rider ( BULLHORN ) on open areas, or about the same ? thanks jeff
  2. TLS

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    Yes, they would be fairly equal in "open" areas. However, a 3 wheeled slingshot is much longer, and arcs out when turning sharp and in tight areas. They also are traction limited when one wheel starts to spin. They are basically an open differential, the wheel that slips is the wheel that slips!

    They are quite similar in price, but for me it'll be a ZTR as they are much more maneuverable in tight areas.
  3. little green guy

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    A company I worked for had a 61" scag 3 wheeler, they also had a turf tiger, they both have thier plus and minuses. The Z was MUCH faster and more meunuverable in tight spots and small yards but the 3 wheeler is ALOT more stable on hills that the turf tiger and can trimm under things much better. If you lose traction with the 3 wheeler all you have to do is lift the deck up and trasfer the wieght and then you got traction. There both good machines but I think the ZTR is a more versitile mower.
  4. John Gamba

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    Wait To 2003 And see if gravely Put's the deeper deck On It them It will Mow great. The gravely Is The best 3 wheeler With All The Option's. They Ride Great And Trim Even Better But You Cant Put a Big Bagger On Them And they are very Long. I Think Gravely's Is the Longest. Oh Some of the jrco Options Don't work Well eather. If You have small lawn's Go Lazer HP Bigger Go Lazer Alot bigger And You Mulch Go 3 Wheeler. Also they Leave a Wheel mark On the lawn Not good In connecticut.
    So good luck Johnny G.:cool: :cool: :cool:
  5. landman

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    We run a 72" Scag STHM (3 Wheeler) a 61" STHM, (2) 60" Scag Turf Tigers (ZTR) and a 48" Scag Tiger Cub (ZTR). We use the STHM riders for our large commercial acounts where there is a lot of open area these are excellent machines for open areas but in smaller applications they are too big. That's why we use the ZTR on residential and small commercial.

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