out-front ZTR's: blade tip speed

Wayne Offiler

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N. Kingstown, RI
looking at a Lesco 52" ZTR with front deck; power to blades via PTO/solid shaft, which I guess is common for out-fronts. I've seen previous mention that blade speed is less than machines with power supplied via belt.
But I also recall seeing an ad once, with the manufacturer touting high blade tip speed for his out-front.
I'm confused. Does anyone have information or hard facts on this subject? For the type of accounts I have, quality of cut is important.


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Flint, Michigan
The advertiser probably WAS claiming high tip speed-and it probably was. But, not nearly as high as a belt driven. As a matter of fact, it COULD have even been claimed the fastest blade tip speed in it's class. Key phrase being "in it's class." Are you talking about one of those great big mowers? And only a 52" deck? Why would you want to do that? Tha's like putting a shovel on the front of an excavator.

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Eric ELM

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Find out who makes that mower for Lesco and look up the info on that companies website. I have not heard who makes their out front mowers.


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the hustler front mount side discharge decks:
60" - 18,930 fpm
72" - 18,253 fpm
these decks go on 2 different front mount type tractors from 23hp to 54hp 3000 series and 4000 series.
the drive shaft that drives these deck turns 3000 rpm


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I think I remember some one saying that OSHA regulates blade speed at a maximum of 19,000 ft.per min.

LJ lawn

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is that a NEW lesco you're looking at? i haven't seen the new models.a friend bought a new lesco 'buot 2 years back (98 ? model).this model is the one that resembles a Walker.had nothing but problems and had the dealer take it back.seems it was another of those Walker look-alikes i.e. Scag turfrunner,Bobcat LYNX,etc.