Out of business, but thank you Lawnsite


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Just wanted to say thanks to Lawnsite and all it's members. I learned alot from this website and it really helped me run a successful business.

I'm finally taking the plunge and moving to Europe to start a new business venture over there (not green industry). I'll be in an rapidly developing economy in Eastern Europe and hoping to cash in on that. I've lived in Europe before and I have family there, so it's not brand new territory for me. Will be an adventure though!

Customers all have new LCO's but I do have some equipment left to get rid of, and I'll be posting that in the "for sale" area when I get around to it.

Thanks again for a being a great resource for LCO's.



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Best of luck to you, that's a big move, but it's good to hear that you are at least familiar with the territory and have family there.


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peace out man :waving: