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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CleanCutLawn09, Apr 15, 2004.

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    I was doing a mulch job yesterday on a customers yard and the people next door asked how much it would be to do theirs...their bed was only about 0.75 of a yard but the monkey grass was out of control and grass/weeds were taking over where the monkey grass wasn't hedges weren't in too bad of a shape, i requested that i just dig most of it out, cut the monkey grass back, spray it, they wanted pine neddles and i agreeds so I said for the mulch job, pine straw, remove, haul off fee, weed control and the hedge and monkey rass trim $250-300 and i would get back to them after i figured it all out. what do yall think ? what a reasonable price when mulch is $12-15/yrd, pine straw $10/bag (will use about 1 bag maybe more), cut hedges and monkey grass, remove all weeds/grass & spray (just the bed); its about 3/4 of a yard. you think the 250 was good ? or should i go for 300 ? It should take me about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs working alone. I was thinking ill get 1 yard at $15 tack on 5 to that, $10 for pine straw w/ $5 tacked on, hauling fee $25, pull weeds/grass $25, weed cnt. $15, till it up $15, cut monkey grass $10, cut hedges $10 (only 5 smaller single bushes), clean up fee $25, haul off fee $15 = $175 plus $75 labor = $250, should i charge more of a labor fee?
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    That's only $30 an hour for labor. I usually shoot for 55. That's just me though. I would bid the labor portion at $137.50 based on 2 1/2 hours and try to get it done in 2 to make myself a little extra.
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    At least $45.00 on the labor per hour
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    so it will cost $15 for mulch, $10 for pine straw, and maybe $20 to dump. So thats $45. If you charge $300 you will be making $100 per hour when its all said and done, seems ok to me. Hint to others, if you charge for labor, and to pull weeds, trim hedges ect you make more on labor.
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    Yeah, the dup fee goes to me b/c i'm the one hauling it over there.

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