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Out of dentistry and into landscaping

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by allstar, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. allstar

    allstar LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 282

    After nearly 20 years of practicing dentistry I have finally taken the plunge;I've sold my dental business and started my landscaping one.This was not a spur-of-the-moment decision but rather something I've been contemplating for a long,long time.Alot of people think I'm crazy and want to know why I would want to leave a business where I could make so much money.The answer is simple: BECAUSE I HATED IT!! I feel strongly that if you are not happy with your work and if it does not interest you very much,you should move on and do something else.Why?Because there is strong evidence to support the fact that job dissatisfaction is one of the main reasons why people die prematurely.Over the years I not only spent alot of time working in my own yard but did landscaping work for some of the neighbors.I couldn't wait for Fri. afternoon to arrive so I could put on my old clothes and go to work outdoors.Does that mean that landscaping is the right thing for me to do?No,but I at least have SOME reason to believe that it may be something I will enjoy and be successful at.
    A dental practice is at least somewhat similar to a landscaping business.Most dental customers are seeking quality work from competent individuals who will treat them with courtesy and respect,and the majority are willing to pay a premium for good service.Like the landscaping industry,the dental profession is becoming more and more saturated with providers and "lowballing"(e.g.,high volume clinics that do inferior quality work) exists as well.
    My goal is to provide quality service at a fair price and treat people like I would want to be treated.While I'm sure there are landscaping customers out there who ONLY want the lowest bidder to do their work,I believe these people are in the minority and most care more about quality and service.It's the same way in dentistry.
    Anyway,that's my story.Since discovering this website I have learned a great deal about this profession and met some very,very nice and helpful individuals.
  2. TheMom

    TheMom LawnSite Member
    Messages: 66

    Good for you! I work 2 days/wk for a dentist who loves to work in his yard like you do. Also I run a growing grounds maintenance biz. Last week when I stopped in the office to pick up my (small) check, before going off to my first maintenance client, he said, "Wish I were going along!"

    And just think, allstar -- no HIPAA regs now! :D
  3. allstar

    allstar LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 282

    Thanks for the encouragement,Mom,and good luck to you as well.Tell your boss to e-mail me sometimes;he sounds alot like me.So right you are about HIPAA! Thank goodness I won't have to deal with that anymore.Best wishes. Jim Denny
  4. TheMom

    TheMom LawnSite Member
    Messages: 66

    Jim, you may already know this... I've found that the guys at LESCO are extremely helpful, and the pricing is very LCO friendly.

    Also you may want to give thought to getting your SC pesticide license. You never know, it may come in handy. Plus, after getting past dental boards, the exams should be a breeze for you.

    I'll pass on your message to Dr Marshall.
  5. GLAN

    GLAN Banned
    Messages: 1,647

    Great story

    Some are just destined to work the land. There is a reason why we are here and what we do. Some it just takes a while to find it...:)
  6. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,183

    Hey Jimmmmmmmmmmmm,

    Do any work on the side.......dental that is?:D
  7. allstar

    allstar LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 282

    I'm gonna try as hard as I can NOT to go back to dentistry.If my landscaping business goes belly up,my home gets taken by the bank and my kids are starving I MIGHT return on a part-time basis.Otherwise,I'm outta there...forever!!
  8. hickory

    hickory LawnSite Member
    Messages: 63

    That's an awsome story. It's nice to see someone in the same shoes. I actually left the technology field this past May, and joined my fathers landscaping business. Just like you, people would say wow and leave all that money. I always wanted to get into it, but was afraid to make the jump. I finally said, "you know what, if I don't try to make this happen now I'll never do it." I'm married and don't have any kids at the moment so why not. So far so good the first year. For me, this year was more of a building year. Changing the logo, creating a website, and started doing a massive marketing campaign. At the moment you really don't don't see any landscaping firms that have a branded name like Truegreen Chemlawn or Lawn DR. This is where we want to be. Right now are Revenue is anywhere from 250k to 400k per year. There is no reason we shouldn't be at at least 750 to a Million. So that's the goal. Good luck to you and if you need any advice or help just give a Hollar.


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