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Just aerated and fertilized(Yes i have a license) a ladies lawn today ,after we were done she asked if there was anything we could to a small piece of lawn in her back yard .It's at most 1600 square feet with tons of weeds and grass growth was marginal at best .The ground is fairly flat ,slight dips and high spots,nothing major.

Told her (from what i've read here) she had a couple of choices

#1 We could get a sod cutter and remove all existing greenery ,weeds and grass and go from there.

#2 we could use a broad spectrum herbice and kill everything ,wait ,then put new soil down reseed and fert.

#3 Put top soil on ,reseed ,then apply a weed and feed fertilizer.

Most of our work is mowing aerating dethatching etc.We've been asked several times already this year to give prices on work related to instales ,this is an area which we are still trying to get a handle on .

What are the best ways to go about this .

If you have a sugestion by all means bring it on ,we are trying to provide our customers with more options from our company .

How do you go about pricing for something like this ,everything else we do we know how long it will take,resources needed ,profit to be made .



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the best thing to do would to use the sod cutter and take out the old grass. then bring in enough loom to cover with 3 or 4 inches. reseed then you should be all set. if you do it in the beginning of the year wait untill the end of the year and put down a winterizer. i don't know if u use that. then next spring put down a weed controler. I recommend scotts. we've used it and it does great on weeds. i know it seems like a lot but its worth all the work to do it right.

as for pricing pass the bill from the loom and other stuff then figure a good hourly rate to charge

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