Outbid by $600 on an $1160 Job!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by roscioli, Apr 1, 2002.

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    Today I called a guy to give my bid for his front lawn (which was totally demolished to put in the new septic). What he has now is a sand/ soil mix, which he wants covered with good loam and seeded. Okay, no prob. The area is about 60 X 54, and I decided to go with 2.5 inches of loam. This is 25 yards. Theres another area in the back that would need a yard or 2, and a small area on the side. I bid it at $1160, and he called me back a couple hours later and said that I didnt get it, because the other guy bid about 600 less! I thought I was bidding low, but the materials for this job would be about what this guy is charging! What would you folks bid at? By the way, a very easy area, easy access, no hills to move loam up, nothing bad at all.
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    25 yards of loam $500.00 our cost $265.00
    Skidsteer time $50hr at 4hrs $200.00
    Labor time general 6hrs $25hr $120.00
    Seed $90.00
    Hay $85.00
    Misc $100.00

    $1,100.00 plus 20% for profit $1,320.00 add more if hydroseeding is wanted. You are right his material cost is most of his bid!
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    i love guys who throw number out like that guy did to you... His price of $500.00 or so is a disgrace... He is probably using like 5 yards of soil and some seed and hay... you'll get a call back soon enough once his "new" lawn doesn't grow. See smart customers will compare apples to apples, and thats what you should have told the client when he called you and said you were out bid by $600.00. Tell them to compare estimates and make sure the're similar in materials/labor etc. Anyone can out-bid anyone... if the specs. are different;)
  4. landscaper3

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    Paps I bet you that guy will call him 2-3 weeks later and said we should have went with your price! $500 is just in materials and he must what spread it by hand? He will most likely be disapointed with the job (like the old saying you get what you pay for)
  5. roscioli

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    I called him back (he only left a message when he called) and asked him to make sure for his own sake that this person was to be using quality materials, and enough of it. I hope for this guy's sake that the landscaper does a decent job, but I hope for my future that he doesnt! He will probably rake up the dirt thats there and seed it, then return 2-3 times to try to remedy it before they finally give up on him and call someone else, which still probably won't be me out of shame... hahaha. But then again, maybe this guy is using enough, and I can just sub everything out to him for the rest of my life!!!!!!

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