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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by dubb, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. dubb

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    i have a customer that we will be building a patio for soon and they want a chimney fireplace. i have never done one of these before but have been researching alot about how to build one. if anyone could help me with the basics of building a fireplace it would be greatly appreciated and also about how much do you charge for install? o and if anyone has some pics of some they have built can you please post. thanks
  2. Twitchy

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  3. scagrider22

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    Pay me to do it!
  4. tthomass

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    Use that kit ^^^^ and then build around it with block for the shape you desire. Don't ask us how much to charge. Figure how much you need per day/hour and add that to your materials. The kit will be around $1,500.
  5. Bustedblade

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    Make sure you pour a solid base, I've seen a few of those things tilt after a year or so.
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  6. dubb

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    i found a dealer that sells the firerock kits that is about 5 miles from me. they seem like a nice and easy way to build a fireplace and also not bad at all on the price. thanks for all the input guys
  7. Pittsburgh Stone83

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    Depending how much you have in the bid will determine how you build it and with what materials. If you want to make it real easy just by a MOD from unilock.
  8. dubb

    dubb LawnSite Member
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    i have looked at the unilock mods but cant find a dealer anywhere close to chattanooga. also customer is willing to spend from 5-7k for the fireplace, i think the unilock is a little more expensive than that. they dont want nothing huge or real fancy just kindof a medium size fireplace with also a place on one side to store wood and they want the fireplace to have a stone veneer to match what is on their house.
  9. 2low4NH

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    i am currently building a couple prefab units in my shop. i can build these units for under a thousand. the rest is all profit. i am selling my first one around 1800 plus install. i am also a 4th generation mason and grew up around it so bricks run through my blood! i can do them cheap because i have the skills and knowledge.
  10. dubb

    dubb LawnSite Member
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    please post some pics, im sure we would all like to see your work!!

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