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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by cedarcroft, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. cedarcroft

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    Being that the area I live in is overcrowded and most properties are less than half an acre, I am thinking of gearing my business towards utilizing smaller spaces. I have been doing some research on outdoor kitchens, entertainment centers and things of that nature. does anyone here have any experience in this type of work? if so, is it high margin? is it a PITA getting permits and utilities etc.? any help is appreciated.
  2. carcrz

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    I haven't done much of this, but I wouldn't see there being any issues that weren't typical of a patio installaion.
  3. cedarcroft

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    actually there might be. I am talking about running gas and electric lines and hard wiring appliances etc. not to mention accesory outlets and plumbing and drainage. I am researching all of it and there is alot of great products out there for this type of application, I am just wondering how to tie it all together.
  4. XXL Hardscaper

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    Scheduling the other contractors necessary has been the biggest issue I have faced. Do your home work, pull permits ASAP, AND SET UP YOUR CONTRACT SO YOU GET AS MANY DRAWS AS POSSIBLE( to keep the cash flow coming ).
    I have had 1 out door kitchen than went smooth as silk and the other 6 that I have done there were minor issues along the way.Even the ones that were a PITA I did have a NET of 21%, so there is good money to be made if you are in a high demand area.
  5. cedarcroft

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    XXL, TELL ME MORE!! pm me if you have to. what went smooth? what went bad? what type of products did you use? what did you do yourself and what got subbed out? how did you price it? in other words, tell me EVERYTHING!!!!

    any pics?

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