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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by 00 Ram, Jun 26, 2007.

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    got a question that isn't quite "irrigation", but I figured you guys would know, having lots of experience w/ outdoor plumbing, and all. came over from "plowsite".

    I'm setting up a service "hookup" for my RV. (30 amp electric, and water). Had my driveway paved last fall, and before they did it, I dug a trench and ran 1/2" poly pipe +wire/conduit under the driveway, from the house to a post about 75' away.
    electric is all set. time to hookup the water. right now, the poly pipe is just sticking up out of the ground next to my foundation, and next to the utility post on the other end. out there, I'll just connect to a plain old outdoor spigot and attach it to the post. the question is, how should connect the house end?
    I plan on running some sort of pipe up the concrete foundation to the sidewall of the house, which will put it into the basement. from there, there is a water pipe nearby...no problem tapping into that. (I can sweat copper, or use pex; no problem there). Its the transition into the house that I'm wondering about. I could just put an elbow on the poly, and poke a hole in the wall, and stick it in there. Might be kind of ugly, though. Or should I use pvc to go from ground level up to the hole in the wall? something else? a junction box at ground level, like you guys use for sprinkler control valves?
    the other thing is that I'll need to attach some kind of blow-out fitting, as the low point on this line is encased beneath pavement, so gravity drain is out. I suppose that could be inside, or outside. what would be best for that?
    I could also just install a sillcock, and use garden hose fittings to connect it, which could be easily disconnected, and attached to compressor fittings for blowing out.
    just looking for suggestions.



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    Rotar handles all MA questions. He lives in Stablebarn on the Cape and takes his fellow chusites under his wings.
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    I'd place another spigot where you enter the house.

    Then you could connect your compressor there, and open the spigot by the RV hookup and blow it out.

    Is there no way out there to tap the service line going to the house? Would be nicer than running through the wall.

    If you do run it through the wall, run copper up out of the ground and into the house.
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    We live full time in a Airstream mo/ho..when I plumbed-in for potable on our
    property..spotted a quick-couple valve in a 10" round w/swivel ell. At such time, you switch to pump interior when freezing..un hook the hose & q.c. key,
    throw some dirty socks into the v.b. & call it good. You guys get colder, but
    you've got to keep that q.c. line activated unless.....Florida?:)

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    ... and no copper advice either.
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    <<<can plumb 1' copper no problem..

    I kind am clue less as to what this guy is saying..If I understand this correctly you are trying to take live 1/2 poly line out of your house up down and around to a RV hook up..Wire is all set?

    When ever i go into or out of a house with copper, I always seal with silicone II GE(the clear stuff).So I would plumb copper to the outside of the house and go from copper male adapter 1 inch to pvc>hook up to poly pipe in the ground...faucets should always be in copper unless your cheap...In the ground i would use the 1' poly pipe with a 1' SXF pvc fitting with a male adapter 1' triple clamped..

    does that help partner?

    EDIT:as long as the junction box put it in any Burial boxes they have @ suppliers...Is it an option to have this feed blown out ever year?Does it have to be a self draining???
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    ok, how do you connect copper to a spigot? a rigid pipe coming up out of the ground wouldn't be too easy to connect to a spigot, would it? I would think anything connected to the spigot should remain "hose like" (?).
    no. no city water; its a well/pump system.
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    no kidding? this happens to be for an airstream trailer. how weird is THAT?? :laugh: have you been here: http://www.airforums.com ? I'm a moderator there. come on over!
    Ok, I have no idea what you are talking about. :dizzy: 10 inch round ? q.c.key, dirty socks, v.b ?????????????
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    but actually, the 1/2" poly is already laid in a trench, buried under the driveway. not a lot of "up down and around"....its a straight line from the base of the foundation to the spot where I park the camper.
    so...copper from the house's plumbing, to the wall...pvc from the wall into the ground...connect to poly in a burial box?
    don't know what an SXF fitting is. (oh, and its 1/2 inch poly, already buried and encased with pavement. its not changing. ;) )
    that's exactly the point; I want to make it so that I can blow it out every fall...(I have a compressor). what fitting(s) do I use for that? (and please, don't abbreviate; I don't know the lingo! :laugh: )

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