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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by banksl&s, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. banksl&s

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    I'm thinking about buying a new mower this spring and have been looking at the Woods and Grasshopper mowers. How do these compare to the midmounts on hills? Right now I mow hills with a Craftsman garden tractor going up and then back down. I did use a buddies Hustler Z and his Gravely 1752 walk behind, neither of these did as good as the tractor. Any and all Opinions would be appreciated on this.
  2. tb8100

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    What do you mean when you say the Hustler and Gravely didn't do as good? Do you mean the cut, handling, or what?
  3. All_Toro_4ME

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    When did you mow? I'd like to know if it was recently because the grass around here is dry, brown and not growing.
  4. banksl&s

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    To tb8100: the cut, handling and speed were of course all better than the craftsman, it was the hills. The Gravely just wanted to slide down sideways when I tried mowing across the hill and the Hustler just spun out. Mind you these hills are probably between 30 and 40 degrees.
    To All Toro 4me: This was last summer when this happened. Sorry it took so long to reply I work a regular job and do lawnmowing.
  5. David Grass

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    A lot of times it is the deck size that helps. I have the Huslter WB with a 54 deck that they discontinued, but I LOVE it on hills, it would hold the hill you are talking about, and mow at full speed. I am assuming the gravely you used was under 48 inches. The toro T bars are great too, get the belt. A lot of folks will disagree with me, and I plan to do a video demo this year on youtube to show HOW to use a belt drive Toro T bar to your advantage.
  6. David Grass

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    PS I am hoping the new Walker superB will be good on hills too, but they are not "out" as of yet. My current walker setup with a 52 SD holds hills way better than the Z mower. I know, because I cut some areas for guys that have Hustler Zs, and Exmark Zs.that border my properties. They slid, and I hold, so its no contest there. NOTE, a smaller deck on the walker, and they suck on hills, so again, the larger deck helps the "center of gravity stance".
  7. supercuts

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  8. DavidR

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    Don't know how well the Super B will do on hills. The mower is much larger then other Walkers, meaning it sits quite a bit higher.

    Now the MB with all terrain tires and split rear coupled with your 52" SD deck will do very well on hills. You will be able to cut 30 and 40* without a problem. Maybe something to look into.
  9. Jason Rose

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    As to the actual question: how well do front mount Grasshoppers do on hills? Well it seems to be totally up to the operator. I've driven a couple, and also talked to several guys that own them and everyone I tlak to says that's their downfall (no pun intended). They provide for an excellent cut otherwise becaue of how the deck can follow the contours better than a midmount can, but going up and down hills, especially at an angle is difficult. Running across the slope the frontmounts are front heavy and tend to want to nose down the hill (unless you are running a diesel, then those are rear heavy). They also don't have the traction on the drive wheels that a midmount has.

    My dealer will argue till he's blue that a midmount will out climb and maneuver a midmount though. If I had the spare time I'd love to take him on in a challenge sometime. I know that the mid would stomp all over the front mount in a slope competition.

    The frontmounts are great for beig able to see where you are cutting, getting under trees and shrubs, and ease of servicing the blades/deck becaue of the flip-up feature.
  10. Wise_A

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    If you really need the power, you could check out the Exmark Frontrunner. I haven't had any experience with them because there is no application for them around here, but they seem pretty cool. If I needed an out front mower I would definitely check them out in addition to all the options you listed. Here's a pic from exmark's website:


    If you need the power, they offer a 31 Briggs Vanguard and a 25 Kubota Diesel. That oughta get you up a hill I'd imagine.

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