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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bayfish, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. bayfish

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    Preparing bids on 2 apt. complexes for 2004. Each is app. 7 acres and some trees nothing to the extreme, and a Walmart and Home depot, 4 acres each, and will be cut each week. Currently have 1 60" ztr. and need to add another mower for these properties. It will be a 72" something. Would you guys go with a ZTR or step up to a 300 series Toro or Hustler 3400 with a diesel?
  2. bayfish

    bayfish LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 641

    Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Mowingman

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    No matter what brand you by, you will get a lot of side-to-side rocking with a 72" deck on a midmount. You will get a better cut with the front mount deck. Thr Toro is an outdated machine, and will wear you out steering around obstructions. The Hustler may steer a little better, but both take up a lot of space on a trailer.
    I would look at the front deck Grasshoppers. They really have a good cut, are easier to steer around trees and stuff, and are somewhat more compact. You can get them with a Kubota diesel. I think diesel is the only way to go on a 72" deck. Those big decks will really cause any machine to suck gasoline.
    I looked at just about every major brand of 72" machine and ended up with two midmount Grasshopper diesels. Now that Grasshopper has a flip-up deck, I will prbably buy a front-deck Grasshopper next time.
  4. bayfish

    bayfish LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks Mowingman,

    There is a Grasshopper dealer less than a mile from me. I'll definitely take a look at them. Your right, the flip up deck is a big space saver on the trailer.
  5. teeca

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    you might do a search on this site, there was a comparison of the two (front or mid mount). the thing that comes to mind is the front mount is not as good in tighter spaces/manoverability. i took a front mount on a demo before i bought my first rider, i found that for what i needed, it wasn't the best choice. seemed to have to much in the rear swinging around. not saying its not good, just not what i needed.
  6. steinerguy

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    I use a front mount Steiner with at kabota diesel. Love the machine/steering/hydro drive. Deck comes with a full width striping roller that the deck actually rides on. A Steiner will most likely cost a bit more, but look at the attachment capability one can have.

  7. C & S

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    I had one of those Grasshopper front mounts. I hated it. The linkage used for "flipping up" never worked properly due to dust and grass. Believe me, I tried my hardest to keep it clean.
    As far as the cut, it was great if you only cut on warm, sunny days, late in the afternoon when the grass has had a chance to dry. If there is a LITTLE moisture on the grass, forget about it. CLUMP,CLUMP, CLUMP.
    I bought mine brand new this spring, and took a beating on it, to get rid of it by August, with only 100 hours on it. I bought a Scag and will never go back.

    Just my .02
  8. bayfish

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    John Deere advertises their front mounts "tail follows the trail" to avoid hitting obstacles. They must have a shorter wheelbase than the others.

    C&S, what type of scag did you get?
  9. Yeah about like the Porche 911 is an outdated machine.

    And as far as wearing you out...I had a Toro 325-D and a Hustler 3400 at the same time. Both were 72"

    Everyone wanted to run the Toro. Production was relatively equal.

    If he's mowing 7 acres with a 72" deck that's some real seat time. Operator comfort might be a factor here.
    It may be time for you to expand into larger production mowers.

  10. Mowingman

    Mowingman LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Texas
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    I was mowing a 20 acre sewage plant facility with two Toro 325D mowers. Changed out to two Grasshopper midmounts, and cut our actual seat time by over 1/3. The Toros were slow and cumbersome compared to the Grasshoppers.
    C&S, Grasshopper has a brand new flip-up system that is pretty slick. I mow a lot of aresa that stay pretty wet. Had to play around with different blades for a while, but finally found some that helped 90% of the clumping in wet grass. I never have had any mower that would not throw out some clumps in bad conditions.
    Bayfish, just be sure and demo wll the brands and models you are seriously considering. I made two $8000.00 mistakes by not demoing before purchase.

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