Outlet Mall Bid Suggestions

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by coachtmoore, May 1, 2007.

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    I have set up a meeting for this coming Wednesday. I will give an update after that meeting to let everyone know how it went.


    P.S.-Thansk to everyone who has added their thoughts. I really appreciate straightforward advice and contrucctive criticism. I was once told if your not making mistakes you're probably not doing anything.
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    I'm sorry, business owners such as myself have little time for meetings, here's the price, take it or leave it... This one may have already gone too far, I wouldn't show up at no meeting even if lunch is included, scheduled or not they'd never pay the $pmh for my time to sit in, or would they?

    hmmm ....
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    1. Landscape, business professional (khakis, logo-ed shirt, shoes)
    2. Be careful. A lot of time I want to sell my knowledge and the client already knows what they want and doesn't care what I know. Listen and respond.
    3. Nothing negative about anyone ever.
    4. Try to set up the presentation as a property tour. Leave the client with a proposal. Cover - picture of the property with your client company name above the picture and your company name and info below. Introductory letter. 5 tab sections for 5 basic areas including specs. and prices. Sixth tab with recommended projects. Maybe a closing page with other company info. Bound at Staples with clear cover.
    5. I lose most of my bids. You may not want to listen to me.
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    "topsites" is our beloved "lawn-boy" Lawnsite village-idiot, no longer in the business as it was said many times before upon this site. Besides - wtf can a "lawn-boy" tell you (as his advice is prolific in that category and columns) about flipn' landscaping, anyway????

    the silence is broken by them laughing - they may know this tactic all too well and will try to smile you down, just have fun with it and smile back at them until 20 or more minutes passes. if they smile more or laugh - just laugh with them and/or raise least raise an eyebrow (or two). initially write up the order by asking them if they need to assign a purchase order number to the project, and the exact billing address (which may be a po box) - and best contact person throughout. set up another meeting with the contact person to obtain signature upon your primary Agreement Form (contract) copy and the check for 50% down. Always double your material costs and add at least 20% for overhead costs - along with any attendant costs for additional labor for "degree of difficulty" scenarios.
    -regards at the meeting, and tell us all how it worked out to your advantage, and if you obtained a design fee initially with them.
  5. coachtmoore

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    Thursday Morning Aftermath:

    This is how I approached it.

    1) I use Belgard wall system. In the back of my truck I assembled a 2ft. wall with capstones to show what it looked like compared to a Pavestone wall.

    2) I brought a sampling of plants and explained growth habits, colors, maintenance.

    3) A week before the meeting I took some pictures of the mall. I used the Drafix program (1st Time) to give an idea of what the wall scheme and plant selection would look like in some of the beds we are going to create.

    Their reaction:
    1) They were really impressed with our presentation. The manager said that no other company brought plants or wall out for them to look at. The others just told them what they were going to do, I showed them. They wanted some of the beds scaled back, but loved the ideas. No formal plans were created for the presentation. I am going to submit my bid next week some time.

    My reaction:
    1) Am I being used? Maybe

    2) If I were going to buy carpet, siding, or a car I would like to see what it looked like and not just what the dealer told me it looked like. I think we have the bid if we are close on the bid pricing(I know, obvious statement). They may not be able to afford us. I think we might have sold them on some items that they were not even thinking of.

    Your reactions/comments/suggestions??????????????????????

    If a customer was going

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