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    I'm at a B-Day party last night and my wifes uncle makes a b-line for me and tells me his lawn guy wants $42.50 per hr to do a yard cleanup. OUTRAGEOUS! he says. "I'm willing to pay $100 for the whole job but not $42.50 per hour". Then he asked me if I would have done the job for $100. I said yes. He replied,"by the way how long would it take you?" When I told him 2 hrs his jaw dropped. "$50 an hr. Thats OUTRAGEOUS!" he says. I told him that I would have never given him an hourly price and he would have been pleased as punch to pay the $100 and happy with the work . Next he tells me the guy wants the same hourly price to mulch his gardens. "I 'm no dummy , I know what mulch costs there's no way I'll pay that". And here he goes again, "how much would you charge to mulch my gardens?" $140 I told him. Great when can you do it he says. 2yrds at $70 per yard I didn't have the heart to tell him.
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    LMAO...does he think you are independently wealthy and just doing this kind of work for the exercise?
  3. Harvestman

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    I agree. The only thing I do by the hour is weeding. People just cant stand to pay a lawn boy a decient wage. I tell them a loaf of bread cost me the same as it cost them.
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    Anytime a customer even starts to whine about pricing I just point to the truck and trailer and say:

    You see that truck? It cost me $15,000 plus finance charges. You see that mower? That one is $10,000 plus finance charges. The other mower was only $2250. That grass trimmer there, that cost more than most people pay for their cheesy little MTD push mowers. And then there's 2 different kinds of insurance, one of which went up over 20% this year, tires for the truck, oil changes, filters, blades, belts, oil, trimmer line etc.

    By the time I'm done whining they ready to pay me more money to cut their grass or at least they're happy I'm not raising rates.
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    Ask uncle what his company sold his time for wether he was self employed of worked for others.
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    yea, funny how they never understand that you have to pay everybody else off before you even pay your self. I just tell folks for every $35.00 I make I pay out $20.00 to someone else for something, tell your uncle this..... If he has a problem with the price go complain to the state and federal govenments, they are a good reason why prices are the way they are....TAXES.

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