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Wow I guess that I had too much time to think while on the mower today but I have to say that I had a real good feeling today.
Without sounding sappy or foolish, I was thinking about how nice it is to be doing this type of work. Every year we can work outside and make peoples lawns look great. We can help it out a little by fertilizing but even if we don't it grows anyway. Then we get to make money by cutting it.

Every year the leaves change and fall and give us the opportunity to be outside and pick them up.

Winter comes and gives some the opportunity to either rest or to plow snow. It will fall without us doing anything to help it out.

Spring time is a great time of new growth and once again the opportunity to be outside and making money.

I really feel lucky that I can do this. Yes there are days when stuff breaks and customers cry but in the end its all worth it because no matter what I do there is always the opportunity to be outside making money and enjoying nature.
Good Luck.


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Mow Ed, I couldn't have said it better.

People thought I was crazy to leave an office job to do lawn care, and it has its bad days like ANY OTHER job. But on those good days,,, they just don't know what they're missing.


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Right on Mow Ed.

And Script..I hear the same thing too at the office and I'm going for it next year!!! 6 years of P/T has shown me the light! :)

RMc Lawn

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COuld not agree more. Left 13 yrs of factory maint. and everyone told me it would not work. Now the ones that said I was crazy are asking for jobs. life is good!


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MOW ED, There is a word we use around these parts for what you described. It's the word Blessed. :)


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During the day I sit in Cubicle hell designing Nuclear Gloveboxes, sometimes when we look out the windows we see the mowing contractor out there. This guy runs a FLEET of 8 John Deere Tractors pulling 6' Bushhogs, 12 John Deere front mount mowers and a grew of 12-15 trimmers. I would love to score that contract. The site is there only contract and they are working 5 days a week to keep up.


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I just had a week and a half of 'bad days' in the mowing game, followed by one good day (today) that made it all worthwhile.

My brother works for a truss company, and worked his way from grunt to sawyer to yard foreman to designer in a cushy office in the last couple years. He has never been more miserable than he is right now in his office job.

My wife just got a promotion to head of the shipping department where she works. Every day now is a bad day.

Yeah, we got headaches, whiny customers, equipment delays, and even cash flow problems to deal with, but we've got our own schedules, the great outdoors, and no limits to our potential growth (beyond our imaginations).

And tomorrow is another day... :)



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The Lord is good; maybe that's why most folks call Him the Good Lord. I have much to thankful for this year. If you haven't made $$ this year, then you need to be horsewhipped & strung up by the toenails!:)

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