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  1. jds720

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    Iv ehad some new people ask me to maintain their yards, I just mow and do the normal stuff, but the want fert. and they want me to do it. Legal stuff aside, cuz im not doing it. Is it ok to hire someone to do the fert and have them bill me, and I bill the customer?
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    yes - its called subcontracting - get there quote and add 10-20% for setting up the work.
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    This seldom works on small jobs.....he will be responsible when any complaints come on the fertilizing and will have to pay before the customer normally pays. And customer usually find out they can have it done cheaper by the individual.
  4. jds720

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    so should it be avoided? or just tell them hey, i dont do it but i have a company that does and not mark up the price, and see if i can at least get their lawns?

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