Over 6 Million vehicles recalled in last few months by Toyota..

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MileHigh, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Mark , Toyota was told to stop sales by the US gvmt.
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  3. MileHigh

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    I was wrong...

    Past few months.

    And I'm posting here because I'm concerned for people like Gravely's safety.:laugh:
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    blade.... ford recall of the 14 million vehicle was a over ten years for the same problem BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO FIX THE PROBELM. they kept putting the same broken crap on the vehicles over 10 years... And I know I had my f150 go up in smoke...as a result of it...What no mention by you of the 100+ people killed by the crappy design on the ford explorer suspension....and ford attempt to blame firestone (coverup) PINTO

    Id go out and buy a toyota today. Id even buy a car that's on the recall list thats how much faith I have int he asian produced cars. Toyota will make right and will do right by their customers. Called customer service. something domestics can learn. I own two "domestic cars" one is a chevy tracker (Suzuki) and the other is a saturn Vue (honda driveline) Ive never been happier. now if the body and cheap interior parts can last as long as the powertrain on the saturn I'll be happy. But after what GM did to my family dealership I'll never buy another domestic, unless its a classic that I can wrench on my own.

    And please don't be to disillusioned many domestics are just assembled here and the parts are sourced from outside the usa. so even buying american you are still supporting the foreign markets. IN fact some of the asian vehicles built here in the USA have more more domestic parts than their American cousins....
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    I would like to add to this, that Toyota doesn't makes the throttle pedal switch, a third party company does. AND Chevy sedans and coupes, use the same part, but I don't see a recall for those vehicles, whats up with that? I wonder how long before people start to realize this and the new cobalt and Malibu get recalled?
  6. BrandonV

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    the pedal company is claiming it's not the problem, and that toyota agrees (i have no clue)... oh and the ford/ firestone thing was all media hype, that and people driving suvs like they're driving a sports car.
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    Toyotas ceo, ariko toyota is not happy! He was quoted today as saying, toyota has put too much focus on becoming #1 in sales and lost perspective on the very things that made them a great company. Big changes coming soon.
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    while I dont disagree that people were potential driving like idiots,(they haven't learned and many suv drives still drive like idiots) the ford explorer/tire issue was a result of a poorly design suspension and then ford recommending too low of an air pressure in the Firestone tires. as a result generating too much heat and the resulting blowout and loss of control.
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    well yotas recall is now up to 9 million.

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