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I saw a landscaper, (grass cutter) mowing a small lawn with his lazer z and there were two 48" bobcats still on his trailer. I kinda looked up cause I was sitting in a parking spot and thought wow "he is wasting his time and not to mention turfing up that grass with all the turns he is making" When you use a big rider on a tiny lawn, you

A. Don't get such a great cut (alot of excess trimming)
B. tear the turf up ( cause of all the turning)
c. can get more done by using a smaller mower (cause it keeps moving with less stopping and slowing down)
d. Are just too lazy to use the 48" walk behind (and when you get off the rider your arse looks like a bag of riggota cheese)

Am I right about all the above or is it just me.

Best Wishes.

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It all depends on the operator. if u give me a small yard with my dixie where i can fit through every thing i will leave just as much triming as you would with a 48 or maybe even less if the 48 is a belt drive. as far as tearinging up turf that is the work of an unskilled driver. a skilled operator will not leave any marks on the lawn except nice lines.


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the operator is the key and small ...really small yards i try not to turn around i run my walker foward and back looks good when i am done.


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If I can't ride the lawn, I don't cut it. I guess I'm getting lazy!


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In my neck of the woods, the rain has been practically non-stop so the result is grounds that are very soft and grass that is very fragile. Even with the best of care, my rider (Gravely 260Z) will tear up grass whenever I make a turn. I try everything from slowing down to almost a complete stop to making 3 point turns, but still, nonetheless, damage still occurs. It's not necessarily the operator. Last year, when we had the drought, this never happened. The ground was so tough, you couldn't hurt the grass! Also, I find that when I use the ZTR, there is less trimming than when my husband uses the walkbehinds. Go Figure.


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I forgot to mention that the lawn that he was cutting had many obstacles like bushes and trees and was on a slight slope. He was having a hell of a time backing up and maneuvering around the small areas. Obviously there were no strips to be had on that lawn.


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I've seen the same thing as well...seems to be lazy as well as trying as to produce quantity and not quality. More than likely when the customer understands that the quality is poor the guy will loose the customer. On the other hand if a job can be done premo with it then go for it...as long as quality is not lost. I wouldn't do it though.

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Use a Walker 48" GHS.Its the only mower on my trailer. Trim cut on either side, compleat control on slopes,less string trimming in the end,no clippings blown on the beds and no extra riding around to avoid blowing on the beds.

I agree with bob,can't ride it I don't mow it.

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