Over run with dump trucks

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Watching TV at 5am this-morning getting ready for work. On a local channel that gives the tv programing (tv guide) they have banner ads. Anyhow noticed another trucking company advertising. A new kid on the block trying to make it in the gravel truck business. Everybody and their dog has a gravel truck and think they are going to strike it rich :rolleyes:

    Doesn't anybody realize there is more trucks than there is work. The area has about 29,000 people. You can safely say only 1/8th of the population only needs a service of a dump truck. I was talking to a friend that owns a trucking company but not a dump truck he said right now with the price of fuel being so high its cheaper to keep the trucks parked.

    I bet you there is 100 trucks maybe more. Four years ago there were 50 less gravel trucks on the road. These guys gotta be starving to death the work is drying up. The house and property sales have slowed down so the developers are not spending any money. These developers already have millions invested and no return they can only spend so much. The developers where spending tons of money trying to get their developements in and try get into the hot realestate market. Well the realestate market isn't so hot anymore it is luke warm. The spending frenzie where money was no object just do it is no longer.

    Why do guys think they are going to strike it rich in a already flooded market ?

    I'am glad I never bought a dump truck I would be like the others fighting for the same jobs. I'am also glad I won't be the one having the bank repossesing the truck :laugh:

    Even for the excavation contractors its gotta be getting tough. You can't even niche market if there is no money being spent.
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    I love GR's ranting and ravings, gives me some quality reading material and going back on his posts/threads on HEF.com is even more worthwhile reading!

    But on a serious note, I am also seeing less and less new trucks here, only the highway truck companies exist, no more Owner/Operators in the Gravel trucking. 3 years ago there were at least 6 new companies I knew of, now they have disappeared like a fart in the wind.
  3. RockSet N' Grade

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    GravelRats posts are kinda like the Bloomberg news of Lawnsite......
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    It kinda sounds like my area. I live by a couple of quarries and the amount of trucks running out of them is amazing. They all sit in line in the morning trying to get the first loads sent out and they will line up at the gates starting around 4:00 AM. The quarry doesn't open until 6:30 now since it is winter hours. Those guys are just plain crazy.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    What really bugs me is when the B.C. gov't is preaching there is lots of work out there. Sure there is if you want to work for 8 bucks per hour and part time jobs that you can't live off of.

    Right now there is forestry companies just hanging on by threads these guys don't know if they will have a job much longer. I know the fear is in the air for these guys especailly when you make big money and have house payments etc. There are so many spin off business from the forestry they will be hurting badly too.

    Even the realestate market is dropped off people are getting gready they think they are going to get millions.

    The realtors are finding it really slow and slower than normal the ones that have been in the business for 20 plus years figure it may pick up a little this summer but the buying frenzy is done the gravy train has stopped.

    I'am trying to get some extra work I'am tired living pay check to pay check. People ask me what is my take home pay per month I tell them and they say thats it :dizzy: I have a steady job for life but one problem its not enough money :cry:

    I would like to make a extra grand a month that way I can afford a 40 year mortage payment on a 300,000 dollar fixer upper house. I'am getting tired of house sitting and renting. I would like a place of my own I can build a small shop in the back yard. I don't want to be like my brother and have to buy a house with 2 other people. Even thou my brother makes double what I make per year with his business expenses he can't afford a 2000 a month house payment. I'am looking at 2000-3000 a month house payment.

    My sideline work is hauling away,cleaning up etc from houses being renovated or people getting ready to sell their house. I got one job cleaning up a place before it goes on the market. It is the first realestate clean up I have had in over a year. It is making me a extra 300 for this month. The house I'am cleaning up will be going on the market for over a million.

    Either I'am being undercut by people working for pennies or people are just cheap and doing it themselves trying to save money. I know the one reno job I had last summer the people thought it was too expensive for me to haul away the debris so they did it themselves. So they would rather do 10 P/U truck loads when I can do it in 2-3 loads.

    The local realty office has my name they give it to people that ask who can haul away junk. They people end up finding somebody that can do it just for the stuff. The landfill gives my name to people no calls.

    For being in the junk removal business for 12 years this is the slowest I ever been. I have lost couple jobs to my competition but I haven't seen his truck running around either. The other guy he went broke had a flashy website he just couldn't make it go.

    Even the lawn cutting or landscaping is a non profit job nowwadays nobody wants to spend any money. They start squeeling like a pig when you give the homeowner a bill. Haven't seen one of my landscaper friends to see how he is doing but I heard he was making dirt/soil deliveries for a price I wouldn't even start my truck for :laugh:

    Just a little frustrated that things have gone down the toilet. A subdivision I was hoping that would provide work isn't selling it may end up a 20 year development like the other subdivisions so roughly 1 or 2 houses get built a year. People buying here are not spending any money. I'am debating if I should spend 4 grand to build a dump body for my truck to see if I can atleast get the odd job hauling topsoil.
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    Bloomberg or DOOMSberg?:laugh: Unbelieveable... Times aren't great in most places but you make do and keep on chuggin' until they get better. The mug has to be half full to persevere!:drinkup:
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    DOOMSBERG is kinda what I was thinking. It is most interesting to me. I know it may be tough out there, but who said it was easy to begin with? I just bid a 30k demo job will find out Weds if we get it, putting a bid together right now for a $215k demo job that I will find out about Fri and that is just from pounding the pavement harder.....When I get these jobs I hope there are enough trucks around to help out!! I plan on this being my best year to date.........I think altitude has alot to do with attitude.......The question becomes what are you going to do different to make it better? Are you going to whine that the sky is falling or be flexible enough to adjust and move forward? Some just don't get it.........and the saga continues......
  8. mowing grass 1111

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    around here the housing/ construction is still booming a national builder broke ground on a 100 acre site for $500k- $600k homes . Another builder started a new town house community last fall . they just finished a new target store with 12 other stores like pet smart, kohls and some other higher end stores a new foodlion, 3 new gas stations . About 1 1/2 years ago walmart came to town and everybody followed them here... new lowes, home depot opened last summer and they are still building around the walmart. the downtown part of the city is dead but the city really has brought alot of new business / work around. then there is another town about 25 miles up they road were they are building on top of each other

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    Well for one thing, I sure have noticed one true sign of economic slow down around my town - Every Tom, Dick, Harry and Gurpreet is starting some kind of "Lawncare Company" out of their 1990's Chrysler Minivans.
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    We have alot of trucks in this area also, yet when I need something hauled everyone is busy.

    I used to have an awesome truck sub but he had to retire because of a bad back, he really is missed.

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