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  1. GreenBlade

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    I don't do much over-seeding, but this year I decided to over-seed my own lawn because it was thinning majorly in an area.

    I over-seeded in about October when temps were ranging from 60-70 degrees. I applied started fertilizer and regularly watered. I was seeing results, but then the cold weather came in along with snow, frost etc.

    Now the spring is here and it looks just as bad if not worse than it did before I over-seeded. Just curious to know if it will start to grow and fill in once the temperatures reach the 60-70 range again.
  2. dstifel

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    If it didn't get well established probably not. In my experience but we have harsh winters.
  3. agrostis

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    You waited too long. Sept. 1 is the date to seed cool season grass. That's what i'm assuming you use since you didn't post a location.
  4. Smallaxe

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    Just wait and see... generally the grass is only about an inch tall when seeded late which means practially invisible by the time the snow is gone and the freeze/thaw turns the green grass brown, before Spring actually arrives... chances are its OK...
    Just in case:
    What I do after I'm done blowing the lawns clean, is go back and throw extra seed in areas that I have doubts about... We're guaranteed another month anyways, of more freeze/thaw so the handfuls of seed in doubtful areas will get a chance to set and germinate...

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