over the counter spraypaint for the wright stander

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  1. Lighter

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    are there any over the counter spray paint that will match the same color as the yellow that the stander has?
  2. WrightCommercial

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    We do sell aerosol touch up paint through our dealers and its part number is 93990003. The only other way to get a good match is to take a chip to a paint shop and see if they can match the color.

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  3. olde_blue

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    Russo power equipment lists the paint in their catalog; I don't know about online except for an ocasional ebay listing. Currently, they are selling it for about $23 a can on ebay item number 300318684164.
  4. pawatch

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    A wright dealer ordered me a spray can of touch up paint. For my Sentar
    He charged $24.00 and 11.00 for shipping.
    Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper.
    "Paint had a Sherwin Williams label on it."

    I have also been using Dupli- Color- school bus yellow
    To touch up my mower deck. Got it on sale at the auto parts store for $2.56 a can.
    And it is almost as good a match as the can I got from wright.
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