Over The Wheel Tracks for Skid Steer

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DVS Hardscaper, Apr 19, 2011.

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    HI guys,

    We have 2 skid steers with rubber tires. Here in this part of MD our soil is somewhat structured where we're able to get away with running rubber tire machines as opposed to tracked machines.

    HOWEVER, my company has been venturing into a segment of the demolition industry, and this venture is so far going quite well.

    Our demolition work is year round, so we're out in all sorts of weather conditions. I'm finding that much of our demo work is calling for the use of a compact track loader. Which we're renting.

    I'm considering going the route of using Over the Wheel Tracks.

    So we have Mclaren Industeries and Loegering. Does anyone here have any experience with either brand or both? If so what are your experiences / thoughts?

    Our work requires alotta activity with the skid steer on our client's driveways. Fill material is dumped on the driveways and we need to take it from the front of the property to the backyard. So we need tracks that won't scratch or damage the asphalt or concrete driveways.

    Mclaren has a rubber track, but I'm concerned that the concrete rubble might be hard on the rubber. They also have steel tracks with rounded edges and their website says this allows for no damages to pavements. Anyone here have any experience with this?

  2. stuvecorp

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    I haven't used the steel OTT tracks with the pads on, the feedback was always negative from the salesman(was told they would not last - pads would tear off). Maybe others had good experience with them? I ran the regular Loegering steel tracks and was satisfied with the performance but did run in the driveway issue, I finally went with the Loegering VTS system(used) and the factory track machine and now don't have to worry. Flats can be an issue with steel OTT's even when not doing demo stuff. IF you are doing very well with the demo, maybe just go with a factory track machine?
  3. bobcatexc

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    I have a set of Loegering Steel tracks that I have used on my last two machines have never had any kind of problem with them. Now if your running on a customers driveway they will leave a little bit of a mark but any steel track will do that. What we've been running that last year is a set of Solideal rubber track which have worked out good except it raises the machine a couple inches and your bucket won't set level. The Solideal OTT won't float like a CTL will and if heavy dozing with it the steel tracks will give you more traction, but overall I'm fairly happy with them.
  4. mxridernorth

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    Hey it's the Dark Lord of Hardscaping!! I'd post questions in that forum but I hate the thought of being ridiculed ;)

    If you're concerned about marking driveways, then don't get steel. They will definitely mark driveways - maybe not always if you're careful - but you can count on it eventually. All it takes is one stone. That said, I had the Mclaren Diamonds and they worked great except for the marking and the raising of the bucket like bobcatexc mentioned. Summer, asphalt, and bar style tracks aren't a good mix though.

    Really, if you're going to be running over driveways a lot, then you really don't have a choice but to go with some form of rubber. You just won't be happy with steel as you will always have to go to protect the driveways.
  5. hillboy

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    So, it seams you need a track that you can't break but it's also rubber. If you are worried about scratching the pavement, forget about all-steel tracks. Go with McLaren Rubber OTT tracks - we have them for over 2 years and have done great projects thanks to them that we couldn't do otherwise. They paid off the first 6 months we got them. The McLaren Rubber OTT is better than all-rubber tracks, because they are much tougther - it's the same steel OTT, but they have replaced the steel pads with thick qaulity rubber pads. VTS system is another good way to go, but back two years ago, they were about 2-3 times more expensive than the McLaren Rubber OTT. Plus VTS uses regular rubber tracks, so for demolition work they'll break easily and they aren't cheap to replace.m Just my 2c...
  6. hillboy

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    ... I forgot to mention that inside the rubber pad, there is a steel plate, so it cannot get destroyed easily. True, I see a bunch of cuts on the rubber pads from all the work we've done until now, but they perform just as good as when they were new. We'll keep running the pads until there is no rubber left, which I think this will take a very long time. Also, if I remember correctly, we can buy replacement rubber pads from McLaren at reduced price.
  7. Eastern Construction Inc.

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    Are any of the ott worth the money?Does it help you get more work done or go places you could not work in with tires? I am asking because I would like to put a set on a machine and try them out but $$$$$ will it pay.Where are they the most useful and do they make the machine any more stable.
  8. hillboy

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    Unless you run on a dry flat surface all of the time, OTT and VTS will definitely make a big difference. If the OTT weren't worth the money, we wouldn’t have purchased them. The tracks we got aren’t cheap, since they are with rubber pads (I think we got the top of the line OTT), but as I said earlier they paid in less than 6 months, since we used them on few jobs we couldn’t do without them. The McLaren Rubber OTT we have certainly made the machine more stable, but these are heavy duty tracks; some of the lighter tracks will not be able to stabilize your machine as good, because they are simply much lighter. So it depends on what you get...
  9. mxridernorth

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    The McLaren metal OTT (with or without rubber pads) can make a huge difference in stability. I had them on a little 753 and it was like a different machine with the tracks on.
  10. icex

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    I use Loegering on my cat 236b... I can go places tires only dream about with those babys on.

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