OVER (way over) seeded Fescue

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by khutch, Nov 25, 2010.

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    I was approached by a neighbor while blowing leaves on a clients yard - He was inquiring about me doing the same for his. After finishing I checked his out and it seems the dude went a bit far on his overseeding - Really, really thick but starting to choke itself out. He seemed real happy about it - I warned him that come spring he may have a big problem. Got me to thinking...Could a growth regulator like Embark in the spring be helpful so that a least some of the growth is checked? The good news was we blew and raked the hell out of that yard without worry of taking out too much new growth and it does look pretty damn good - for now.....
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    I have a similar problem on a lawn, and will power rake it in the spring, just enough to remove some of the new growth.
  3. shovelracer

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    Depends on the variety. I find that TTTF's will regulate themselves much better than blues and rye.
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    i agree with the above, but i have seen this and it does not end well and i can imagine what you are looking at very well

    i would power rake it now, and then maybe again in spring. now because the grass that remians will recover just fine with a starter fert(if it is not too cold of course) and water right after. then, in spring maybe do it again depending on how well it did with the fall thatching.
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    Huh? I am from the frozen north (4 inches snow today). So you are complaining that his grass is too thick? Do you mean he overseeded his Bermuda grass with annual rye? Per rye? TTTF?
    Thick or thin--won't the rye die when temp hits about 90 in spring? Won't the Bermuda wake up when temps hit about 80? Would that be about mid-May?

    Sure--why not sock on some growth regulator to hold back the rye and let the Bermuda thrive? But would it hurt the Bermuda? Or is short cut the best transition plan? Isn't there a product that will selectively kill the rye?
  6. Ric

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    I just learn this spring about Too much Rye Over Seed on a Bermuda. In my area and I am sure other areas The Bermuda Greens up long before the Rye dies out. Bermuda demands a lot of sun and the rye will chock out the Bermuda if over seeded to Heavy. My Bermuda Guru is Dallas Turf on LS and 90% of his lawns are Bermuda while 1% of my lawns are Bermuda. BTW Dallas Turf Recomends no more than 4 pound Rye per thousand on Bermuda.
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    Since we are on the subject here. Rye over SA -
    1. I would assume that would help get a good source of (organic) N for the SA in the spring correct?
    2. It would do so while helping to fill in any voids that may occur and keep weeds down correct?
    3. Is it possible for rye to out compete our SA? If possible what is your recommended lbs per 1k
    4. Also got a guy that is having a zoysia problem with what appears to be brown patch on this site, been taking care of it himself, he is Ft. Lauderdale area, is that were you are, I forget? search through my recent post and you will see zoysia in title of thread maybe you can help him

    Just looking for your input on this.
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    Don't worry about it. The strong will survive, the weak will die.
  9. Ric

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  10. VLTS

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    I'm assuming its Fescue being over seeded with Fescue- I would core aerate the turf in Mid March to "thin the heard". You're goal is to get as much air circulation through the turf so that it survives the disease season (Mid May to September).

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