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  1. C Cutters

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    I gave a bid to a guy yesterday, first one of the season, and I'm trying to decide if I overbid. I quoted him $322.50 for the following services:

    1. Remove and haul small japanese maple (approx. 3-4 ft. tall)= $60

    2. Bed Edging (not trim, actual edge line with shovel) at 190ft= $150

    3. Lay new mulch where needed, and level out beds in areas needed (mulch was laid on very think last year in some areas). This includes laying mulch around the perimeter of all beds where I am edging (about 1 ft. in).= $92.50 for 38 bags of mulch (labor cost for this figured into #2)

    4. Trim down ornamental grass in front of house(very small)= $20

    Total= $322.50

    The only material cost I have is in the mulch, I pay no disposal fee for landscaping items, other than gas. So, material cost is 92.50 + gas. Labor cost is $230 for what I figure will be a days work (cannot acuratley estimate the time in hours.) Is this is a fair price, or did I overestimate or perhaps even underestimate. What would you all charge. Thanks guys!
  2. KrayzKajun

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    I would have charged between $450-$500 Thats a good bit of work to do by yourself
  3. mulchmaster

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    I think you are way low. If it takes you a full day including picking up the mulch and dumping you will make somewhere close to $20 an hour.

    I can't work that cheap. :dizzy:
  4. NewHorizon's Land

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    Why bagged mulch instead of bulk? Most of the time bagged mulch is alot more expensive. If you have nothing to haul it in then see if it could be delievered.
  5. Grits

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    from Florida
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    Without seeing it. I calculated $495.
  6. paul vroom

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    A lot depends on how much walking you need to do. How far do you have to lug the mulch. It will cost you to dump it considering how much gas cost now, plus your time which is worth something. What i would do since you under bid a couple hundred is spend even more time making sure the edging is nice and the mulch is spread evenly and level. Maybe you can pick up a neighbor. For a similar job $500 is a decent price as long as you dont have to move the mulch 2000 feet up a hill. Good luck
  7. RedMax Man

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    No way you over estimated. That guy just wants to do on the cheap. Don't back down just try again next time or he'll probably find out that he can't get it done anyy cheaper. I'd be a good $100 over what you have for a total at least, judging by the info.
  8. bigmudder77

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    ya that sounds like a 450-500 job mulch is hard work took me a day to mulch around a dealership i use to work at they had 20 truck loads of mulch (s-10 truck loads) but still it was hard work and there was 2 other guys helping and then 2 that help when they didnt have people to sell cars to but it was an all day thing and i only got $10 an hour so $80 really sucks if you think about it
  9. Ecoscape01

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    You could probably get a yard of root or something standard delivered for 65 at most. Think of how long it would take just to open all those bags. Think of it this way, if the guy likes your price you can at least recover some of your estimate with buying a yard in bulk. If you have a truck, you should be able to fit a yard in the back of your truck and then pay no delivery fee and now you just made an extra 60 bucks.
  10. WJW Lawn

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    Im with the Krayz Kajun...450-500 easy. But again...everyone is different on what they need to make.

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