Overgrown Property and a Downed Tree

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JonM, May 23, 2005.

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    I tried the search function and couldn't find anything that specifically answered my question. I really hope I put this in the right section. I'm still a newbie, so don't bash on me too much. I got a call from a lady to do an estimate today on some work. She had a prior LCO come back in April and cut down a pine tree, and then they left, not to be seen again. The tree is on the ground. It's 61 ft long by 13 inches in diameter at the base. What should I charge to cut it up and haul it away? My other question is her lawn is 28,000 square feet, and around 8 - 10 inches tall. She has approximately 50 trees scattered throughout. How much should I charge for the initial cut to a normal height, and what would be a wise price afterward to mow it biweekly?

    All comments and criticism are welcome. Any help from the experienced companies on how to price this would be greatly appreciated. I have priced quite a few lawns before, but never any this overgrown and with that many obstacles. Thanks! :waving:

    - JON
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    how good are you with a saw??????

    I don't cut a lot but a guy I know had a similar issue--pine tree about the same size as you describe. I consider him good with a saw.

    Took him about 2 hours to cut it up and stack it, start a brush fire, and had the entire thing cleaned up in about 4-5 hours.

    No input on pricing....what equipment will you be using for the first cut and are there any surprises hiding on you?? Do you have to repair the lawn where the tree fell????
  3. JonM

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    I'm fairly decent with a chain saw. Most likely I'll be using a Stihl Chainsaw with 20 inch bar. The lady wants everything removed from the property, so a small fire won't work in this situation. The lawn and area around where the tree was dropped doesn't need any repair, perhaps just a little raking to remove some of the small debris. Anyone have an idea on pricing?
  4. TurfProSTL

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    $140-175 on the tree; $75 for the first cut, $48 weekly
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    I can't get anyone to touch my trees for under $200 each. I know that this is a totally different part of the country, so the prices may not be very useful.

    My father (in Connecticut) had 30 trees removed a few years ago by a buddy of his that did tree work for a living. He paid about $100 each, as I recall; that was with the high school pal discount. The crew cut them up, but didn't haul anything off. They cut up the big stuff into firewood sized logs and chipped the rest, shooting it into the woods.

    I hope this is of some value, but I suspect that it is not...

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