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Overheated Kawasaki 25 HP FH721V


LawnSite Member
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else has any problems with there Kawasaki 25 HP FH721V overheating.
I bought and installed a new one last fall at the cost of almost $2000 and it didn't even last 5 weeks or 16 hours.
I talked to the people at Kawasaki and they refuse to warranty the $475 repair saying it was not a manufacturer defect. I think is BS.
They blame it on me overheating saying the air intake was blocked. I am not saying there where no leaves on or around the motor after all I was using my bagger to pick up leaves but come on. Isn't that what it is designed for?
five or ten leaves around the top should not be enough to overheat the motor the way it did.
I have a Hustler Mini Z that is know for collecting leaves around the motor and very hard to get out being as how the motor is put in sideways to make the mower shorter but seeing as how I just replaced this motor it was as clean as a whistle.
I have been doing this kind of work for a long time and have never had any problems like this before.
Just wondering if anyone else out there has had this problem before?

Thanks for any input you might have. Joe


LawnSite Member
I have a Hustler Super Duty 60in mower which is less than a year old and the engine is regularly overheating. The Engine is a Kawasaki FH721V 25hp air cooled motor. There is absolutely no blockage of the fan or airways and after about 40 minutes of mowing the engine looses power and then quits on its own. After a period of time the engine will restart but will shortly quit again.

What can be done to correct this?



LawnSite Senior Member
I often wondered if someone made an extra tall wire screen cage to use in place of the factory one or attach to it some how. This may still provide air flow when working with leaves. I know that now and then I turn around only to see a dozen leaves covering the wire cage fully blocking the air flow. I stop and remove them, and wonder how long had they been there and can this cause engine damage??