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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by HB Lawn, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. HB Lawn

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    I have a 3ft x 8ft patio on the back of my daughters house and I don't want to break it up. What I'd like to do is keep it and somehow do the following.

    I want to extend the patio to a size of 12ft x 16ft. I tried finding the thin pavers that are pretty close in color to the brick pavers my daughter wants to use, but no luck. Can I cut a regular brick paver as thin as a overlay paver and place this over the patio and then use the brick pavers to fill in the rest?

    HB Lawn
  2. CNYScapes

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    The overlay area will settle and the pavers you put on the concrete wont. It will look fine when you finish but by the next season it will be uneven. If you are want it bigger than the concrete pad then you should take it out and start from scratch.

    Im assuming you meant it is an existing concrete patio?
  3. HB Lawn

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    Never thought about it sinking. And yes it is there already.

  4. walkerway

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    Dig it all out and do it right.
  5. alldayrj

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    Im assuming theres a reason you cant just fit the whole brick on top of the slab with a layer of sand because of a door height etc? I dont see much differentiated settling or heaving happening in florida but ive been wrong before. That patio is small enough to break up and sneak away to the garbage man over the course of a few weeks
  6. HB Lawn

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    Since the patio was poured at the same time as the rest of the slab, I'm assuming that is all one piece. Is there any chance of cracking the slab when jack hammering the patio? The inside has tile on it. My wife seems to think we'll crack the inside slab????
  7. clipfert

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    Looks like you have two options.
    1. Pin and pour your new patio and overlay the old and new concrete patio.
    2. I would just rip out the 3 x 8 "patio" more like walkway and start from scratch. This will eliminate the need to cut brick pavers in half to make an overlay paver. i would not recommend cutting pavers in half to begin with.
    All you need to do if you are concerned about cracking the slab inside would be to cut the slab outside with a concrete demo saw along the house line and jackhammer the rest. Or if you have the equipment cut up the
    3 x 8 concrete into pieces that can be picked up with a mini skid or full size skid steer and loaded into container or truck to be disposed of. I guess you could take RJ's advice and act like you are escaping from Alcatraz or Shawshank prison and get rid of the patio a handfull at a time in your trash.
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    3x8 is nothing. rip it out.

    start from scratch
  9. alldayrj

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    He didn't come off like he does this all the time and has access to a skid and a dumptruck, hence the alcatraz techniques haha.

    You're saying the pad is part of the house slab? Yes cut it first
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  10. Patriot Services

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    Florida has an extremely unstable base. Calceous sand is constantly moving especially during the rainy season. Our roads are as wavy as Beibers hairdo. That's why houses are built on slabs instead of foundations. Paver driveways look good for 1 year before they're loose and undulating out of shape.
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