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Took this pic today..quad axle truck GVWR is 66k...EW is 35k...Trailer GVWR is 62k lbs...EW 11700 lbs...EX 200 Operating Weight..about 47k lbs....technically this is legal..but practically would you do it? Would you put a nearly 59k lbs trailer behind a 35k lbs truck or would you low bed it?

Just a bit scary to me and watching him slow down to come into the fuel station was a bit scary as well....

EX 200.jpg

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That's 94K lbs, so with a permit you can run it anywhere, but how does it fell when on the road? I would say in a perfect world to run it on a RGN, but that's not always feasible. There are guys around here pulling hoes that size on 40K tag trailers and we all know that's overdoing it.


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looks like a tight fit on that trailer!
I'd think I'd haul it on a lowboy if possible. Looking at the picture it might be over on the individual rear axles. Not only does it have to be within limits, but it also can't overload an axle.

On a lowboy you have some wiggle room to that you have the right weight on the trailer, the right weight transferred onto the tractor. So the weight is within limits on drive axles as well as the steering axles and the trailer.


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That's nothing, I use to work for a guy before he got a lowboy we would move a Deere 200 with a International 8100 single axle with a big tri-axle tilt trailer.

The owner one morning told the driver all his moves to make with the single axle and tag trailer and then go back to the shop and get the lowboy to move a Deere 270 excavator a couple of blocks down the road to another job. Driver didn't feel like going back to the shop for that short move, so he moved the 270 with the single axle, I wasn't there but they said that was diffently overloaded!