Overnight success

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sanfordandsonfan, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. sanfordandsonfan

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    I was sitting around thinking today, and the thought of "overnight success" keep coming into my mind. What would I do, honestly, if I was flooded with work. Who am I going to hire. Last summer, I tried three or four different people, and they all were terrible workers. Would I be able to finance or bankroll the necessary equipment needed to keep up. Just a thought I guess. Maybe someone has experienced this. What did you do to meet the sudden demand?
  2. Mclaughld

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    I hear alot of businesses are ruined by that. Growing too fast.
  3. sanfordandsonfan

    sanfordandsonfan LawnSite Member
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    The growing to fast has always been a fear of mine. Unfortunately, over the past five years, I have not grown to be all I could be. Five years ago, when I left my office job, I figured it would take about five years to get where I wanted. Oh well, I'm still young.

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