Oversead this fall - Apply pre-emerg in spring?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by robhay2, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Hi all, first time poster here.

    I'm a homeowner in Columbus OH with a rather small lot, roughly 5000 sqft. Bought the 1990 house in May and have been doing quite a bit of work to the inside as well as the outside. The previous owners did NOTHING in the way of lawn care, maybe mowed once per month. And they had dogs... I have been taking care of the lawn via regular cross cutting, fert application, etc. Soon will aerate as the glaciated clay soil is packed down pretty well. I was wondering If it is wise to overseed ( I have enough Scotts seed to do the whole thing, 75% off at Target) if I plan on a preemerg in the spring (bad crabgrass). Does the seed typically establish in the fall or just build roots which will die in the spring with the preemerg? I am also seeding a few new areas which were previously mulched.

    I am leaning toward seeding now anyway and not using a preemerg in the spring, cause crabgrass isn't absolutely terrible compared to what else might grow if left unseaded. But if the experts could chime in on whether I can do both or which option may be superior, I would much appreciate that.

    Thanks guys.
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    I always overseed in the fall, and do a dormant seeding when the snow comes for the thinner areas. Again, in the spring, as soon as the snow is gone, the areas that didn't come back so well.
    A few weeks after spring germination is the time for pre-m for CG. The CG isn't going to grow until the soil warms up another 5 degrees after the cool season grasses germinate, And the weather becomes hot. Good growing grass is your best CG control anyways.

    I never pre-m, only overseed, and have no CG in the lawns.

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