Overseed or Start over?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Grant1994, Mar 3, 2014.

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    My plan with the slice seeder was to put it down at a rate of 5 pounds per thousand going two ways to give me 10 pounds per thousand so I just went across the lawn one way with the seeder then broadcasted about half the seed then came across at a right angle to my first pass and broadcasted more seed its tough to see in this picture but you can kind of see the grooves. As far as seed I found a local seed supply house and after talking with the owner there for a while I went with their overseed mix which is 70% percent PRG I believe Top Gun II, Accent II and Revenge GLX and then 30% KBG can't remember the exact name, he felt this was best because with the ryegrass quick germination it will have the best chance at getting established before the summer heat and hopefully some bluegrass will fill in but I can always oversees with bluegrass in the fall. Thanks for all your help guys and I will keep you updated as it starts to fill in!

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    Take a pic of the same spot once its filled in I like to see how long takes yours to fill in with your seed brand
    I did one yesterday and I have one Friday to do
  3. Grant1994

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    The grass is finally starting to show up and hopefully will continue to fill in, this is a picture of the same spot that I posted earlier it looks better but still has a ways to go.
    And this may sound like a stupid question to some of you but I'm still trying to learn about how grass grows, anyways in this second picture I posted since this is mostly PRG these individual sprouts will grow out into clumps over the next few weeks making the grass seem much thicker correct?


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    Perennial rye grass has no rhizomes; it does not creep. But each plant will form a bigger clump through tillering. potentially, each grass blade could form a clump of about 4 to 6 inches in diameter. If conditions are excellent in regard to water, nutrients and plenty of sunlight, along with warm temps--this should work out fine in a few weeks. Weed control may be needed in a few weeks. Tall weeds will be killed by mowing. I suggest mowing when it gets about 2 inches tall. Mowing helps the grass to spread sideways and reduces excess vertical growth. You may need to withhold water for 24 hours when first mowed to make sure the soil is firm enough to support the mower.

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