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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kevinrx1, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I recently did an overseed project on a client lawn in NE Ohio and have some questions. The lawn had mostly PR, some BG and some CF but client wanted denser turf and darker cultivars. Virtually no weeds present.

    I scalped the entire lawn, aerated 3 directions and dropped starter fert Day 1. Day 2, I slit seeded in 3 directions with Midnight. Watered 2-3 times per day first 2 weeks and rain has been consistent weeks 3 and 4. Little to no traffic on lawn.

    The Midnight seedlings are up but still small (about and inch) compared to the PR that has come back (now at 5 to 6 inches). The time is now 4 weeks since seeding.

    1. At 4 weeks would you mow since the PR is pretty high to allow more sunlight or prevent flattening effect?
    2. Should I wait longer to insure all the Midnight is up enough to have solid roots and let nature take its course?
    3. Will PR alleopathy have an affect on the elite cultivars i.e. stunt growth or extend germination period?

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    #'s1&2..You have to cut it...the Bg needs sun to compete. Stuff takes a very long time. The less sun that comes through..the less of a success rate you will have.
    #3. Dont be a botonist...whether or not your germination and success rate varies by 5-15% is irrelevant. I can almost gaurrantee other factors have already led to a 15-30% reduction.

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