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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Colonel Forbin, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Had a weekend with cool weather so decided to overseed my front yard which is 10,850 according too. http://www.findlotsize.com/ which I used to figure out how much seed to put down, I applied at 4lbs per thousand ft.

    I started by mowing my grass with my Lazer Z to 3 1/2 inches which didn't do much then I dropped it to 2 inches, I ended up with a ton of grass so I did a bunch of racking, I then cut it 2 more times to try and cut up the clippings the best I could and get a nice clean cut across the entire lawn. I applied the Lesco starter pictured below, I rented a overseeder from home depot which had motor trouble (guy didn't run for me in morning) so I went to run it and that didn't happen. So I returned it and went to another rental place and got a working model.

    Here is where the first error occurred, I made the first pace with the Clausen and it was pulling up a ton of thatch, I knew this wasn't going to work out well as I had dead grass everywhere, I knew I wouldn't be able to spread my seed with dead grass everywhere and I sure as heck wasn't going to rake the yard by hand again or at least large portions of it. Since my lazer Z doesn't have a bagger I called a friend who has a trailer picked it up called my Dad and went and got his Craftsmen tractor with bagger which worked extremely well so he went over my whole lawn twice and sucked up all the thatch I pulled up and clippings. I ended up with nice short grass after he was done.

    Now I was finally ready for the Clausen, I made 2 passes going in opposite directions, the machine worked well and it went fairly quick I didn't time myself but I would estimate I did the lawn twice in less than 1 1/2 or 45 per direction for not being self propelled it goes good and can get away from you.

    I used my Prizelawn BF-1 spreader to apply the seed, I put in about 20 pounds and did the whole lawn, put in about 20 pounds and walked in the opposite direction I hit a couple bare spots extra hard

    Hindsight being 20/20 I should have picked up my dad's tractor with bagger first and just bagged from the get go and or rented a power rake to begin with but the first couple passes on a high setting pretty much did the same thing, I probably ended up sucking up some of my starter as well did see plenty of it while putting down seed, w I should have put down either after seeding or after we cleaned the lawn of thatch and clippings. As a homeowner you live and learn I guess but I saved myself a bunch of money either way as my lawn is pretty big.

    My home doesn't have irrigation so the way I'm watering is sort of a PIA but I'm making due by moving sprinklers, I picked up the largest diameter ones I could find I'll just be moving them around, I am going to buy a couple more and another set of hoses so I don't have to move them as much, it's a lot of grass to water. I have two spigots on opposite ends of the house so that helps.

    I did rain last night just as it got dark, so that helped a bunch along with the watering it was a nice long light drizzle so on top of my first watering it should have been perfect. The seed I used I really like, I did a small area by a front bed I redid this spring, I planted 2 weeks ago and in the pic you can see how well it came in, I hope it does just as well on the lawn, I used the same starter too.

    Just some pics of what I used and what it looks like after I cut it, I will post results as they happen.








  2. jc1

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    It will be interesting to see what the other crop seeds are and weed seeds in the mix turn out to be.
  3. Blade Runners

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    Good luck to ya.

    We just done a full renovation on an acre sized yard and harley raked, graded and leveled the whole thing. I'm crossing my fingers that it comes out really nice. Used a TTTF blend of Bullseye, Faith, and LS1200 so it should be a nice dark green when it gets a little taller. We had baby grass coming up in 7 days. I plan to do some overseeding in early spring if we have any thin areas.
  4. Colonel Forbin

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    Thanks I need some, it's taking me all evening to water, not easy without irrigation. I'm doing rain dances over here :dancing:

    From the other seed that came up in the small area i did with no existing lawn I visually can't see anything but grass and since my yard is far from perfect as it is I won't even notice what the other .56 % is.
  5. bryansong

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  6. Colonel Forbin

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    I wish my yard was small enough for something like that would be ideal.
  7. bryansong

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    Well, each year I get bare spots and have to seed those areas and not the whole yard. I do have over an acre with bare spots in the front and back so I either have to spend each night moving the hose or get a little help with the timers.

    It looks like you are doing a good job.

  8. Colonel Forbin

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    Gotcha, I hope I get good germination throughout so when it comes time to do small areas I could go the timer route like you have so I can do small sections at a time. Doing the whole 10k just was out of the question. I honestly didn't want to spend the money on the hoses either. I should start seeing grass this weekend and they are calling for rain the next couple days as well Sunday will be 7 days
  9. Colonel Forbin

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    My new seed took off really well and the starter is working very well, I will take some pics with my DSLR and post them soon!
  10. Colonel Forbin

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    Anyone know when I can cut it? The KBG may no be up yet...a hunch, but I have a feeling the rest is, the lawn is dry right now I kind of would like to cut it then water it good, suppose to get rain on sunday so it will have a couple day gap. The morning dew has been so thick with cool temps the ground really hasn't dried out much it's been staying fairly moist. I have a bare spot from the dogs in the back that has been my gauge to tell what the actual soil looks like, I checked it with a screwdriver to be sure as well.

    I would like to put down another round of Lesco Fert. Any suggestions?

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