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    I've been renting seeders as needed for several years now. I have a larger "drill" for doing pasture/hayfield no-till seeding, but frequently need a smaller 3-point hitch seeder when doing new lawn installs.

    In about 90% of the cases, it will be on freshly tilled soil. (I can still rent the powerseeder as needed) What I want is an overseeder.

    I've rented a Woods Super Turf Renovator, a Brillion Landscape seeder, and a Ferguson "Yardmaker".

    (Out of the 3, the last one works best for me, and is by far the least expensive)

    Anyone have some input on this subject?

    (I'm wanting something available in 7' width... That eliminates MOST of the choices.... Tractor is 82" wide. I want a seeder as wide, or WIDER than it)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't have a lot of experience in this area because I'm only in my second year. However I have a Frontier Seeder / Overseeder (owned and sold by Deere) that has a tiller or slit attachment that runs of the PTO. The problem is it's only 58". I'm not totally convinced that it was the best choice for new lawns but it does wells because it's for the most part a one pass machine. It does work very well for overseeding! A machine of this type might kill two birds with one stone?

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