Overseeding a Bermuda lawn with Bermuda seed????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gulfjoe, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. gulfjoe

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    I have a 10,000 sqft bermuda lawn that was sodded when my home was built in Jan of 2011. I am not a 100% sure but I think I have Tif 419. My lawn looks way better than what everyone else has that is being reffered to is contractor bermuda. I am not sure if this has something to do with my home being built in the winter. My question is can I over seed it in June with a product Like Sahara bermuda seed ( http://www.seedland.com/mm5/merchan...&Product_Code=BER-SAHARA-50&Category_Code=BER )

    Would there be a noticeable look between the 2 grasses? Is it even possible? I never hear of people over seeding bermuda because of the it grows from stolons. I was just looking at my yard yesterday and it had some thin spots that looked like they could use some filling in.

    Looking forward to hearing your responses.
  2. grassmasterswilson

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    Often over seeding is not needed. Get a soil test to make sure you are on the right track. Keep it mowed regularly, fertilized properly, and aerate a couple of times. That should have the spots filled in in not time.

    Another option is After green up you could take some plugs from good spots and plant in thin spots.

    If they are small spots you could always seed those spots if needed but I would push what you have got.
  3. gulfjoe

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    I understand that's the normal way of growing Bermuda. I am already doing all the things you listed except for the plugs. I want to know if I would harm anything or would it look funny if I seeded another type of Bermuda like Sahara.
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  4. easy-lift guy

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    If your lawn already looks "way better" than everyone else's lawn why are you even bothering to change anything?
    easy-lift guy
  5. RigglePLC

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    Up north here. I don't think it would match. If you had a top quality sod, the seed might be a lighter color, different texture and establish in patches.
    Good advice to use cores of your present grass to reestablish Bermuda in your thin spots.
    Find the cause of the thin spots...shade is the most common reason for thin grass. New seed won't cure shade.
  6. grassmasterswilson

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    419 can only be established vegetatively so if you do seed I would make sure they were similar in characteristics. I guess you could seed the entire lawn and it would be ok. You may just have 2 varieties that have a slightly different color or leaf texture
  7. gulfjoe

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    When I say "Way Better" I meant by the quality of grass that was used.

    I was planning on seeding the entire lawn anyways, Why would it be any different than people having a half and half zoysia/bermuda lawn?
    Wouldn't after multiple seeding over a number of years the seeded bermuda take over?
  8. agrostis

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    Those seeded variety's of bermuda all came from common and are only slightly improved version's as far as physical properties's go, but they still have a lighter green color compared to 419. I think you would be going backward's if you got any to germinate, which is unlikely given how tight the existing bermuda is and how small bermuda seed's are, they would just get shaded out. I think overseeding hybrid bermuda with a seeded variety is a waste of time and money.

    If you had a half bermuda and a half zoysia yard, overseeding that grass for several year's woudn't make much difference, again, those tiny seed's couldn't germinate.
  9. gulfjoe

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    Thank you

    I like your answer
  10. greendoctor

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    Don't do it. Common bermuda grows vertically way faster than hybrid bermuda. You would have weird patches of taller grass amongst your 419. If you are mowing 419 correctly, common would not do very well either. 1/2" or lower HOC is hard on common.

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