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    I should know the answer to this question, think I know but not 100% sure. I have customers that want dethatch, aerate and over seed. This is the time of year for weed and feed. How and when do I control weeds after spreading new seed. I know I can use starter fertilizer. I need an answer before doing the quotes and have the knowledge for these new clients. Could those who are 100% sure help me out? Thanks!
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    You have to wait at least 6 weeks after you throw out weed and feed before you can seed. So for this year you can do one or the other unless you will be planting some warm season grass like bermuda .You should get a pesticide license so you wont get fined $5,000 per yard for throwing out weed and feed and fert on yards
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    Have a licensed Lawn care company come out and apply Speedzone for you if you are not licensed. If the lawn has a lot of weeds that need to be killed before seeding, you can seed two weeks after application. If there are not any weeds at the time of seeding you can spray most post-emergent selective broadleaf herbicides after the third mowing of the new grass plants (read the label).

    Ultimately, it does not sound as though you are really ready to provide this service at a professional level. You may want to consider subbing the technical work out and you concentrate on the mechanical work for awhile until you are more comfortable with solving these BASIC problems on your own.

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    Nicely said David and great advice :)

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