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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MOTES, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. MOTES

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    I own 5 acre lot and all is grass. But there's quite of bare spots where just soil is showing and also alot of places have crabgrass- which is brown or dead right now. My Question is can i just put seed down before spring, and it then later grow on the bare spots? And the Crabgrass, if i put down enough seed over the crabgrass, would the grass take over later or would i difinely have to put down crabgrass control? The Lot itself have good soil, so i'm hoping that i don't have to break up the dirt to overseed, but if i have to, please let me know. The first time, i put down Kentucky 31, but didn't put down enough or drought season. It's does look good standing away but looking down doesn't. Any Question, comments, or respond would GREATLY appreicate.

  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    If you put down grass seed now then you cant put down crab grass pre-m......that keeps the seeds from germination and your grass seed wont germinate either. I would seed now and then use a post emergent later on after the new grass gets established

  3. RGM

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    If you put down the pre emergent after the grass seed is up you have to wait at least 4 weeks of growth by that time the crab grass is up. You can get crab grass control that is not a pre emergent but its about 4 times the price and i have found it works ok but sometimes hurts the regular lawn just a bit
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    You can use Tupersan after overseeding as a pre emergent for crabgrass. It's pretty expensive, like $36 per 10k, but I've been told it works well. I will be using it this year in some places myself.
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    Is all 5 acres K31? That might be part of the problem there. You used an older tall fescue that generally doesn't look as nice as the newer varieties.

    How do you know you have good soil? Did you do a soil test? How old is the lawn?

    If I were you, I would wait until late summer/early fall to seed. You have 5 acres of lawn with bare spots mixed in. Say you put down seed in the spring and we don't have any rain? Or you put down seed and you have heat and drought this summer? You can't keep those seedlings watered. Seed in the fall when you (hopefully) have Mother Nature on your side. The turf will see 2 growing seasons before stress. If you were dealing with 5k of lawn I'd tell you to seed with caution in the spring. With your lawn, I'd wait.
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    What temperatures you have down there if its blow 50 I would wait until temperature rise.:drinkup:
  7. MOTES

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    Yes, it's all 5 acres of K31. The soil use to be farming land. This is a new lawn, about 1.5 year old. I'm planning on to go ahead and seed Late Feb and see how it turn out this year. Than reseed again in fall. Anybody disagree here, let me know
  8. rcreech

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    First I would make sure it needs seeded. Look at the lawn and it there are areas larger then a softball then these areas will need seeded.

    You would be amazed at what a good fertility and weed control program will do!

    Overall, the picture of your lawn doesn't look too bad.

    I am not a big fan of KY31, as Turf Type Tall Fescue is a much better pick, but too late now!

    Anyway, if your lawn does need some seeding, I personally wouldn't just throw the seed out and hope for the best in Feb.

    I would slice seed the areas as seed to soil contact is very important and will give you a much better stand and germ rate.

    Also make sure you use a good starter!

    If you seed, make sure and wait until you have mowed a time or two before you apply a crabgrass product. That is just being on the safe side!

    Good Luck!
  9. Whitey4

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    Rodney, you ever use Tupersan? I have it from reliable sources that this can be put down as a crabbgrass preM very safely even two weeks after an overseeding.

    Right from the label:

    STATUS: General use
    PRINCIPAL USES: Selectively controls certain germinating annual weed
    grasses such as crabgrass (smooth and hairy), foxtail and barnyardgrass,
    in newly seeded or established plantings of bluegrass, fescue, redtop,
    smooth brome, perennial ryegrass, orchardgrass, zoysia, and the following
    strains of bentgrass: PennCross, Seaside, Highland, Astoria, Nimisila,
    C-1, C-7, and C-19. Should not be used on other bentgrass strains nor
    on bermudagrass (58).
    APPLICATION METHOD(S): Applied as a preemergence treatment to bare soil
    as a final operation following spring seeding, or to new fall seedings
    or established turf in the spring just before expected emergence of
    annual weed grasses (58).

    Sounds like it's pretty safe to me. Both Pat Voges (Pesident of the NSLGA, my local association, and given an acknowledgement in the NY Category 3a and 3b manual) and from my fert guy, who has 20 years as a sod farmer under his belt have told me as much. Like I said, it's expensive, but it will work with a newly seeded lawn.
  10. rcreech

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    I am not familiar with the product...but there is a new product coming out this year that I am very familiar with on the ag side. I have been using it for a couple years as Colisto (Mesitrione) but the turf product will be called Tenacity.

    This product is awesome as it is a pre and post crab and also does an awesome job on broadleaves (except for clover)right before or after seeding.

    This product will fix all our seeding/chemical app problems!

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