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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by angecarl, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Last year in mid-May I paid someone $700 to seed drill my lawn (roughly 1.4acre) with common bermuda. I had tall fescue that was clumped up everywhere with some already common bermuda and crabgrass in places. Cut the grass real low before seeding. I have sprinkler system also. Long story short it did nothing and I waited about 4 weeks to cut lawn after seeding and watering everyday.

    Now to the present, March 26th I Roundup and 2-4d my yard. It was all brown and boy did my wife LOVE the look of our yard. I am paying someone else this year to plant Stadium Bermuda. Problem is, it has been 4 weeks and I have crabgrass turning green in my yard and some common bermuda also. Supposed to be planted this weekend. Will the crabgrass prevent my new Stadium bermuda from growing. Please advised what needs to be done and what I need to do. THanks alot
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    We are starting to Slit Seed Bermuda here in Florida as a replacement for Bahia that doesn't grow well in high pH or alkaline soil. What works best for us is a complete burn out with Glyphosate and 2, 4-D. Success varies from yard to yard but most require a good two rainy seasons to really mature into a full lawn.

    Customer care and following direction play a big part on grow ins. Several years ago I Plugged St Augustine in two yard across the street from each other. The east side of the street was fully grown in in the first year while the West side of the street never did grow in and is still all weeds.
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    Your last years bermuda seed probably got shaded out by the tall fescue. Bermuda is delicate when germinating. It needs full sun,plenty of water and a dose of starter fertilizer.

    This years seed is going to get shaded out by the crab if you don't spray it before you seed. You can plant bermuda seed 24 hours after you spray round up.
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    I will probably spray my yard again to kill it. What is a good liquid CRABGRASS killer and preventer that can be mixed with Roundup or is it needed. I wanna kill that crabgrass and get it gone, the lite green color is getting to me. Also the wait time before planting after spray. Thanks for the replys

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