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Overseeding How much to charge?


LawnSite Member
Old Saybrook CT
In the last couple years Ive only done acouple overseeding jobs and dont really have a set price to base my rates on. Whats everyone charging do you charge per hour plus materials or per job. Maybe someone has a rate per acre. Any feedback would help, thanks

A Finer Cut

LawnSite Member
Fairfax, Va
I usally try to combine aeration with overseeding. But the breakdown for overseeding would be about $80 per quarter acre. The seed will cost you about $40 and you will be making about $40 on the labor. Generally 25lbs. covers 10,000sf. (depending on the type of seed.)

Like I said, I usally try to get aeration at the same time. I had great sucess with fliers this year. I advertised my fall services and gave a date that I would be in the area. I combined all of the hits that I got and it made the rental price of the Aerator well worth it. I was paying a much smaller percentage per lawn for the cost of the aerator. Plus, because all of the lawns were in the same neighborhood, I saved money on time and gas.

Good luck.

Oh, I would not forget to OVERemphasise the importance of hydration.
Hydration is essential to germination. Germination = repeat business next season. Several of my customers did not water after overseeding and are now upset. But what can I say? We recieved .01 in. of rain here in NOVA in the last 28 days. Grass seed WILL NOT grow without water.


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Meg-Mo said:
We charge $35.00 per 1000 sg ft. for mowing customer and $40.00 for everyone else.
people would laugh us off the lawn trying to charge that much........ ;)

Bob Q

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I have been trying to figure out the same thing, I am in Chester, I want to use a slit seeder on the back of my tractor and do big yards, A plug aerator would be good also.

Anyway, I will keep checking this fourm and see where it goes!


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Washington DC

your only putting down 2.5lbs per 1000 of seed? seems kinda low. I have always done 4-5lbs per 1000.

We did get rain last night...finally....but not enough to do any good....The cooler temps will help a lot with the germination as well....