Overseeding in central MN

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by tyler84, Sep 30, 2009.

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    ty - I wouldn't get stressed out about it now. Wait to see what you have in the spring, I will bet you will be presently surprised.

    Last year I slit seeded my 4k sq ft backyard (right about Sept 25th) and that fall thought "man, nothing seems to be happening here...." This year, my backyard was as thick as ever and that included a big drought in Sept. You may not even need to touch your area in question again, just good fert and go!
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    Why not do both? When does CG germinate in your area? How quickly can you get turf grasses up and running?
    The best time to seed in the spring is right after the snow goes. Just broadcast on the thin areas and the freezing/thawing cycle, plants and soaks the seed, then when the time is right, it germinates. After a few weeks of growth, you can throw on your 'root development inhibitor', w/out killing your new grasslings.
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    Thank you everyone for the replies! One more question and this may not be the correct forum to ask it. When I over seeded I applied starter fertilizer, would you wait for a month to pass and then apply winterizer or just skip it all together?

    I do plan to broadcast the thin areas in the spring as suggested.

    Thanks again!
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    What % slow release N did you apply with that Starter?
    If a high % then I would just let the fert do its job.

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