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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by stevenf, Mar 19, 2010.

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    About to overseed a customers lawn. I already bid the job. This will be the first time overseeding. Its a small yard, most damage was done by last company with a string trimmer. The soil is farly soft. I was thinking of just cutting the lawn and spreading the seeds. Have them water it daily untill the growth kicks in. Im going with centipede because the areas have lots of shade. Its a cheap (favor) job.
    Anyone do it this way or should some soil prep be added in?
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    Sorry, I don't want to be rude, but why would you bid a job without knowing what it takes to do the job?

    But to answer your question seed needs to be in contact with soil in order to germinate and grow. The more its in contact with soil, the better results you will see. So you can just spread the seed without soil prep as long as it will find its way to the soil. Most lawns have dead grass/leaf material that prevents the contact which is way dethatching or verti-slicing is usually done when working with existing lawns.

    For small lawns I use a hand dethatcher. Looks like a serious hard rake but the tines are actually blades and will cut through the crud to get the seed down to the soil. I found mine at lowes...

    Good luck.
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    You can get good results seeding without preparing the soil first, but prep certainly helps.

    Turfgrass seed should be covered to get good germination rates.
    You can use straw, top soil, triple ground mulch, or one of the products that are manufactured for this use.

    Newly seeded areas should be watered twice a day for fifteen minutes.

    Good luck

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